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Titolo: Spark training in bay area
Newsgroup: it.comp.grafica
Data: 19/09/2016
Ora: 13:09:50
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  Spark is a top-level project of the Apache Software Foundation, designed to=<br /> be used with a range of programming languages and on a variety of architec=<br /> tures. Spark is quickly becoming Spark training in bay area the figure out/=<br /> calculate engine of choice for big data. Spark programs are more well-said =<br /> with a small number of words and often run 10-100 times faster than Hadoop =<br /> MapReduce jobs. Spark training in bay area is designed both batch processi=<br /> ng (almost the same to MapReduce) and new workloads like streaming, interac=<br /> tive questions, and machine learning. People who are looking for big dat=<br /> a class room training in bay area , BigData trunk will provide Spark with =<br /> experienced faculty in union city.  

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