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La politica di Rifondazione Comunista

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Titolo: Teaching "This Check Would Give Us The Ability..." 9-20-93
Newsgroup: it-alt.politica.rifondazione-comunista
Data: 14/02/2015
Ora: 22:10:04
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  <br /> TEACHING DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES M. KLUG <br /> ON SEPTEMBER 20,1993<br /> <br /> &quot;This check would give us the ability to<br /> financially be able to have many things we<br /> wanted, or to feel security in just knowing the<br /> funds were there.<br /> <br /> But the care, the safety of protecting<br /> tal, because of<br /> the people we would have to be involved with,<br /> decisions regarding its safekeeping from the<br /> greed of others.<br /> <br /> How many banks would accept this<br /> check without questions, or not take time to<br /> be sure of its validity? NONE.<br /> ____________________<br /> <br /> Our Soul is always a target for satan's<br /> wanting to possess it, but our will, our<br /> conscience, is our protection, and the real<br /> controller and decision maker for all we are,<br /> do, and are accountable for.&quot;<br /> <br /> Saint Joseph's Hill Of Hope<br /> Brea, California 92822 U.S.A.<br /> www.TheMiracleOfStJoseph.org<br /> All Revelations are delivered spontaneously<br /> and continuously as witnessed by all those<br /> present at the time.<br /> (c) Copyright 1996 FMK. All rights reserved.<br /> This is used with the permission of the copyright holder.  

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