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Titolo: FUCKING KIDDY PEDERAST Mark W. Decker (SSN: 212-60-0049)
Newsgroup: free.it.diritto.ecommerce
Data: 29/05/2015
Ora: 22:41:12
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  Mark W. Decker has been BLOWING both Judge James J. Lombardi <br /> and Judge Arthur M. Monty Ahalt who, in return, have been porking <br /> Decker's three daughters named Libby, Audrey &amp; Hannah Decker! <br /> <br /> GUILTY FEDERAL BRIBER Mark W. Decker <br /> http://www.oalj.dol.gov/PUBLIC/ARB/DECISIONS/ARB_DECISIONS/SOX/06_104.SOXP.PDF <br /> <br /> http://tinyurl.com/markwdecker - his BIGGEST LIE yet! <br /> <br /> http://tinyurl.com/libbydecker <br /> http://tinyurl.com/audreydecker <br /> http://tinyurl.com/hannahdecker <br /> <br /> <br /> Belfort Instrument Company <br /> 727 South Wolfe Street <br /> Baltimore, MD 21031 <br /> <br /> Ebosswatch.com rating with Belfort Instrument Company <br /> http://www.ebosswatch.com/Reviews/Mark-W.-Decker/1412568293 <br /> Rated by his peers as &quot;Unfavorable&quot; in 7 different job categories <br /> <br /> And now Belfort Instrument Company (dba DigiWx AWOS, Gamma <br /> Scientific, UDT Instruments, Advanced Retro, RoadVista, KR <br /> Acquisition Corporation) finds itself in United States Bankruptcy <br /> Court as evidenced by: <br /> http://www.amrcaseinfo.com/pdflib/1631_15463.pdf <br /> <br /> Belfort Instrument Company financials are so BAD that CEO Bruce R. <br /> Robinson has his primary residence in a trust as noted at: <br /> http://www.city-data.com/bernalillo-county/P/Paa-Ko-Drive-2.html <br /> <br /> You might ask &quot;Why would someone put their home in a Trust?&quot; at: <br /> http://belfort-instrument-company.pissedconsumer.com/belfort-instrument <br /> <br /> &quot;Belfort's owners have &quot;valuables&quot; (like their homes) held in a trust <br /> to prevent creditors (in this case, the bank that lent Belfort <br /> Instrument Company all that money) from seizing their personal <br /> home(s) when Belfort can't pay back the business loans. In the case <br /> of Belfort Instrument Company, this was a smart move (some might <br /> consider this a sneaky move also) because I pulled Belfort's credit <br /> reports from the 3 main credit bureaus and Belfort is currently <br /> delinquent and &quot;past due&quot; with several creditors by more than 90 <br /> days and in some cases 120 days. This means the money isn't coming <br /> in fast enough from sales to pay for the company's debts. I even <br /> found notes that some of Belfort's creditors are on a &quot;cash only <br /> basis&quot; meaning Belfort needs to cough up money for goods and services <br /> (raw materials) before another company will even sell them those goods <br /> and services. This is NOT a pretty picture. This has been going on <br /> for years. If you would be inclined to buy finished product from <br /> Belfort, you may find a company which doesn't stand behind that <br /> product because they went out of business. Info from Dun &amp; Bradstreet <br /> indicates turnover in this very small privately-held company at the <br /> managerial and executive level so people's heads are probably <br /> rolling there and it is likely only a matter of time before this <br /> business is no more! <br /> <br /> So who was driving these companies into the hole...... because there <br /> is a common theme here...... his name is Mark W. Decker...... and he <br /> lives at: 289 Long Point Road, Crownsville, MD 21032-1853. Call for <br /> a personal appointment if you'd like to see how he can drive your <br /> organization off a cliff! <br /> <br /> Wanker Mark W. Decker Shatters World Masturbation Record <br /> http://mark.w.decker.mediafetcher.com/news/top_stories/worldrecord.php <br /> <br /> ATTENTION: Mark Wilson Decker is apparently posing as a photographer <br /> based upon his Workface, LinkedIn, Posterous, Twitter About.me, <br /> BigSight, Ziki, tBlog and Wordpress profiles --- just goes to show <br /> you how sneaky AND creepy he really is! He's an unemployed fired POS! <br /> <br /> WHAT WOULD MARK W. DECKER BE TRYING TO HIDE??? <br /> <br /> Well, have a LOOK at this: <br /> Two federal cases that specifically mention Mark W. Decker: <br /> U.S. Department of Labor Case # 2006-SOX-57 <br /> U.S. Department of Labor Case # 2006-SOX-81 <br /> <br /> According to: <br /> http://www.mombu.com/aviation/civil-aviation/t-faa-dol-osha-fdic-doj- <br /> investigating-belfort-instrument-digiwx-awos-10453477.html <br /> <br /> Mark Wilson Decker was investigated for: <br /> <br /> &quot;FAA is investigating Belfort Instrument President Mark W. Decker and <br /> Digiwx AWOS Tech M. Tylor Burton for bribing federal FAA officials.&quot; <br /> &quot;DOL is investigating Belfort Instrument President Mark W. Decker <br /> for retaliating after suing a former employee who ratted Decker <br /> Pecker out under a federal whistleblower protection program.&quot; <br /> Did Bruce R. Robinson, Nicholas C. Kaufman, Debra S. Alascio Lange, <br /> Ralph F. Petragnani and M. Tylor Burton aid in this conspiracy? <br /> <br /> And there is MORE: <br /> All the info contained herein has been published in some form <br /> since at least 2005. Mark Wilson Decker gave up any legal right <br /> (he may now be asserting) a long time ago that this info is <br /> injurious to him or his family since the statute of limitations <br /> to bring a libel lawsuit is 1 year in each of the 50 U.S. states. <br /> <br /> &lt;brob...@utilipoint.com&gt; wrote: <br /> <br /> Three little whores, <br /> Three little whores, <br /> See how they suck, <br /> See how they fuck, <br /> Their daddy feels them up all day, <br /> Their daddy probes their cunts all day, <br /> Their days pimps them out all nite, <br /> They're three Decker whores! <br /> <br /> Somebody is censoring this stuff; the truth must hurt! <br /> <br /> Onze afternoon, i wasz catchin a snooze in my backyard on a sunny <br /> day. Much to my surprize, i lifted my hat and found my neighborz <br /> Jenn Racey unzipping my pants. Shez gestured to me with herz indexes <br /> finger over herz slender lips to be quiet. I say figures okay, she <br /> then unzipped my pants and reached in and tuggzed on my big black <br /> mamba! Immediatelzly, my blacks a mamba becomes engorged with hot <br /> burstz of human excitementz. With a big tugz with both of herz <br /> handz, Jennifer Lynn Racey pluckz me black mamba to a full erctionz! <br /> Shez then opened herz mothz and slipsz it over my full manhoodz. She <br /> gagz and coughz a bit but begins herz suckin action upz and downz! <br /> She repeatedlyz goez faster and faster untilz i feelz my venemouz <br /> black mamba release a massive explozion into herz mouth. At first, <br /> shez triyz to swallow it but my venomouz fluidz keepz jaculating <br /> in herz mouth. Then, she pullz herz head awayz with herz handz <br /> still clenched on my black mamba. She coughz and gagz a minute over <br /> the concretes but then placez herz lips back on myz black mamba. <br /> Once aginz, she jerks it hard withz both handz. Again, I'z begin to <br /> release a strong venemouz fluid at a fullz flow into herz small <br /> mouth. Myz black mamba squirmz in herz handz as i release all of my <br /> venemous fluid from myz snake into herz mouthz. i'z kannotz waitz <br /> til my neighbor Jennifer Lynn Racey sneaks back over to my house for <br /> zome afternoonz delight. Next timz, me thinks i shall let my black <br /> mamba go hogwildz in herz anuz. If she suckz me this good next time, <br /> i shall let myz snake ezcape in herz anuz andz give her zome my <br /> brotherly love. Myz black mamba has neverz felt so good after <br /> Jennifer Lynn Racey wrapped herz lipz around the big headz on meez <br /> mamba! <br /> <br /> Mark W. Decker has a boat named Spoony: <br /> http://www.boatinfoworld.com/registration.asp?vn=96438 <br /> <br /> What do you think the chances are that he has already <br /> &quot;spooned&quot; and felt-up all three of his daughters (Audrey, <br /> Hannah and Libby Decker) aboard his boat with his &quot;vessel&quot; <br /> which he has a propensity to play with.... even in public! <br /> Let's see if this causes Mark Kacucha some legal trouble: <br /> <br /> Belfort President Mark W. Decker (U.S. Naval Academy alumnus), let <br /> me tell you about this lowlife. Starts the workday between 9-10AM <br /> by checking work and personal email. Come 11-11:30AM, he's ready <br /> to go to the local gym to work out. Gets back in the office around <br /> 1PM and only then decides to take a lunch break as if the gym work- <br /> out didn't count for a lunch break. By 1:30PM, he's checking work and <br /> personal email and maybe making a few entires in his family diary <br /> which he keeps at work on the company hard drive. Come 3-4PM, he's <br /> getting anxious and is looking to wrap up his workday so he can go <br /> home and coach soccer league for one of his three daughters. <br /> Needless to say, all thru-out his &quot;playful&quot; workday, one gets to <br /> see all his dirty nasty habits including: <br /> <br /> 1) scratching his balls, <br /> 2) stroking his c o c k, <br /> 3) farting (and then asking someone else if they farted), <br /> 4) belching, <br /> 5) biting his fingernails, <br /> 6) picking his nose (and eating the choice boogies), <br /> 7) scratching his ass, <br /> 8) picking at his toenails <br /> 9) coughing (he has a chronic productive cough... yuck) <br /> 10) he has kidney stones (and urinates with pain) <br /> <br /> Now keep in mind that this is a US Naval Academy graduate (Class of <br /> 1979) who's motto is &quot;don't do as I do&quot; but &quot;do as I say!&quot; Makes <br /> complete sense because he superiors in the U.S. Navy recognized his <br /> lack of leadership very early on. That's why Lt. Decker didn't last <br /> in the U.S. Navy and decided to enter the corporate world where he <br /> could use his skills of conniving, lying, denying, concealing, <br /> deceiving, and making things up! <br /> <br /> Let's get this straight, he been with at least three different <br /> companies over the past dozen years, all where he had a hand in <br /> running them into the ground. Doesn't a midshipman know how to steer <br /> a boat to prevent it from running into the ground? He's been with: <br /> <br /> 1) Unc, Inc. <br /> 2) Mentor Technologies <br /> 3) Belfort Instruments <br /> <br /> And now there appears to be evidence that he either resigned or <br /> was fired from Belfort Instrument Company for &quot;poor performance.&quot; <br /> Seems like he spent four years trying to sell DigiWx and DigiWx AWOS <br /> and was a miserable failure at all of it while dragging down the <br /> finances for the rest of the Belfort company. It's easy to conclude <br /> that Mark W. Decker is &quot;all that and a bag of chips&quot; along with <br /> some &quot;s h i t&quot; salza on the side! <br /> <br /> How many freakin passes does this lowlife (who was born with a silver <br /> spoon in his mouth) get? What kind of role m o d e l is he for his <br /> three daughters Audrey, Hanna, and Libby Decker? And how about his <br /> wife Jennifer Racey who decided to keep her maiden name (maybe <br /> because she knew about the lowlife she married). <br /> <br /> Why do we have lowlifes like Mark W. Decker around? This guy thinks <br /> he the best thing since sliced bread. He doesn't think his s h i t <br /> stinks and he doesn't think too highly of woman in general either. <br /> Wonder how he'll explain that one to his three daughters one day? <br /> <br /> Mark W. Decker (the &quot;w&quot; stands for &quot;wiener&quot; which he scratches) <br /> Jennifer L. Racey (probably wife) <br /> 289 Long Point Road (assessed value of $968,280 as of 1/1/05) <br /> Crownsville, MD 21032-1853 <br /> DOB: January 7, 1957 according to http://anybirthday.com <br /> <br /> And then we have this: <br /> Hannah, Audrey &amp; Libby Decker (daughters) were found dead in a <br /> second family home owned by Ralph P. Decker, Mary Ann Decker, Mark <br /> W. Decker and Jennifer L. Racey according to land records available <br /> from the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation. No <br /> immediate cause of d e a t h was available. The second family home <br /> is located at: 11 Silverwood Circle SILVERWOOD Unit 3, Building 11, <br /> SC 3, Annapolis, MD 21403. <br /> <br /> No explanation was available about how Hannah, Audrey &amp; Libby Decker <br /> ended up in this second family home versus the other family home at <br /> 289 Long Point Road, Crownsville, MD 21032-1853 which is noted as <br /> being the family's primary residence according to land records <br /> available from the Maryland State Department of Assessments and <br /> Taxation. <br /> <br /> And then this: <br /> COCK Scratching Belfort Digiwx President Mark W. Decker <br /> http://www.dilbert.com/comics/dilber...-20070812.html <br /> <br /> Pecker Scratching Belfort Digiwx AWOS President Mark W. Decker: <br /> PREPARE A PROPOSAL FOR THIS CUSTOMER <br /> <br /> Dilbert: WHY ME? <br /> <br /> Pecker Scratching Belfort Digiwx AWOS President Mark W. Decker: YOU <br /> WERE WALKING BY. I HAD IT IN MY HANDS <br /> <br /> Dilbert: WE CAN'T WIN THIS BUSINESS. WE DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT PRODUCTS <br /> OR EXPERTISE. <br /> <br /> Pecker Scratching Belfort Digiwx AWOS President Mark W. Decker: JUST <br /> SAY WE DO. WE'LL FIGURE IT OUT LATER <br /> <br /> Dilbert: THEY KNOW WE DON'T. AND WE'D STILL BE THE MOST EXPENSIVE <br /> BIDDER. <br /> <br /> Pecker Scratching Belfort Digiwx AWOS President Mark W. Decker: BID <br /> LOW. WE'LL MAKE IT UP WITH CHNAGE ORDERS AND UNEXPECTED ESSENTIAL <br /> UPGRADES. <br /> <br /> Dilbert: IN OTHER WORDS, I'VE BEEN RANDOMLY ASSIGNED TO CREATE LIES <br /> FOR A PROPOSAL WE CAN WIN FOR A SERVICE WE CAN'T PERFORM. <br /> <br /> Pecker Scratching Belfort Digiwx AWOS President Mark W. Decker: YOU <br /> MAKE COMPETING SOUND BAD. <br /> <br /> Just a typical day at Belfort Instrument Digiwx AWOS company with the <br /> likes of Pecker Scratching Belfort Digiwx AWOS President Mark W. <br /> Decker, Resident MURDERER Debra S. Alascio Von Lange (aka Debra <br /> Lange), Jowl, Belly &amp; Ass Ralph F. Petragnani, and the other THREE <br /> STOOGES: William C. Gordon, Bruce R. Robinson and Nicholas C. <br /> Kaufman. <br /> <br /> Lastly, we have this: <br /> Belfort Instruments Digiwx has t-shirts emblazoned with the phrase: <br /> &quot;The Wright Brothers Relied on Us&quot; <br /> <br /> American history seems to tell a very different story! <br /> <br /> There is a press release with President Mark W. Decker <br /> name on it as the contact at: <br /> http://www.prweb.com/releases/2003/6/prweb67805.php <br /> <br /> Mr. Decker says &quot;The Wright Brothers monitored these <br /> (i.e. Belfort's) instruments as they prepared for <br /> their famous flight on December 17th, 1903.&quot; <br /> <br /> THIS IS COMPLETE BULL-SHIT (Mark W. Decker style) <br /> <br /> Here is what the Wright Brothers really wrote <br /> on December 17, 1903: <br /> <br /> &quot;We had a 'Richard' hand anemometer with which we <br /> measured the velocity of the wind. Measurements made <br /> just before starting the first flight showed velocities <br /> of 11 to 12 meters per second, or 24 to 27 miles per <br /> hour. Measurements made just before the last flight <br /> gave between 9 and 10 meters per second. One made just <br /> after showed a little over 8 meters.&quot; <br /> <br /> And then there is that indisputable picture of: <br /> WILBUR WRIGHT USING A RICHARD'S ANEMOMETER (picture) <br /> http://wings.avkids.com/Book/Wright/history1_19012.html <br /> <br /> Belfort Instrument Company President Mark W. Decker <br /> is trying to re-write history to include mention of <br /> Belfort and/or Friez. This is a shame and a sham! <br /> Buy anything except Belfort Instrument Digiwx AWOS <br /> from Bruce R. Robinson and company. <br /> <br /> MARK WILSON DECKER (Class of 1979 U.S. Naval Academy) <br /> http://www.e-yearbook.com/yearbooks/ <br /> United_States_Naval_Academy_Lucky_Bag_Yearbook/ <br /> 1979/Page_167.html <br /> <br /> Mark came all the way across town to attend Canoe U. Plebe year he <br /> became a news column regular from a starting position on the varsity <br /> soccer team and co- captain of the plebe lax team. Youngster year <br /> brought endless hours of study and a permanent nickname, &quot; Max.&quot; <br /> He strove to max all he did and was involved in everything from hang <br /> gliding to &quot; 4 pts. &quot; and stars and strips. His home became the <br /> refuge for many youngster autos and drunk classmates, none the <br /> less the welcome mat was always out, and the hospitality was <br /> deeply appreciated. Second class year saw the dawning of the <br /> star fleet command of which Max was the CO. Even though Mark <br /> had female pussy connections in nearly every college in Maryland <br /> and Virginia, his 20-10 was primarily focused on the Ivy Leagues. <br /> Whether commanding a squadron or managing a corporation, <br /> you can bet Max will maximize and run it into the ground. <br /> <br /> Last but not least: <br /> Path: g2news1.google.com!... <br /> From: George Orwell &gt; <br /> Newsgroups: md.annapolis <br /> Subject: Mentor Technologies Mark W. Decker liked playing pocket <br /> pool <br /> Message-ID: &gt; <br /> Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 22:07:29 +0200 (CEST) <br /> Mail-To-News-Contact: <br /> Organization: <br /> <br /> I saw where Mark W. Decker is now working at Belfort Instrumentation <br /> as I always wonder where he went after skipping out of Dodge City <br /> just barely when he left Mentor Technologies. If he hadn't left <br /> in 2001, Decker would have been shown the exit after his dismal <br /> performance at Mentor. The thing I will always remember about Decker <br /> was his passion for playing pocket pool, the kind one plays when <br /> they have something nasty growing in their crotch out of control. I <br /> mean get some Desenex or something for that jungle rot. He was <br /> absolutely icky just watching him work his hands in his pants pocket <br /> as he attempted to reach his private parts in search of a much <br /> needed scratch. Several coworkers wondered exactly why he scratched <br /> his crotch in public for everyone to see and notice. I guess he <br /> figured that he could be a Baltimore Oriole Cal Ripkin on the <br /> baseball diamond and nobody would notice, well many people did <br /> notice and found it disgusting and repulsive to say the least. <br /> I always wonder what his wife must have growing in her crotch as a <br /> result of him passing along his germs and god knows what else to <br /> her. Anybody at Belfort Instrumetnation seen Decker digging at his <br /> pecker in public? I would bet he still is! <br /> <br /> Belfort Instruments suing fired worker Mark W. Decker <br /> <br /> A Baltimore manufacturer of weather instruments is suing a fired <br /> employee it claims is on an anonymous Internet rampage. Belfort <br /> Instrument says Mark W. Decker has been harassing current Belfort <br /> employees via e-mail, calling the company's customers and partners <br /> alleging unethical business practices, and posting trade secrets on <br /> the Internet. Defendant Decker has an alarming history of engaging <br /> in such 'anonymous' Internet attacks against those who he believes <br /> may have slighted him (including past employers), and, absent a TRO, <br /> will continue his historical pattern of making outrageous &amp; harmful <br /> attacks against the material business interests of Belfort <br /> Instrument, reads Belfort's complaint, filed earlier this month in <br /> Baltimore County Circuit Court. Belfort, which obtained a temporary <br /> restraining order against Decker on Nov. 15, is suing him for <br /> misappropriating trade secrets, breach of contract, defamation and <br /> tortious interference with contractual relations. The company is <br /> seeking $1M. After consulting with his client, Belfort attorney Doug <br /> W. Desmarais declined to speak about the case. My client's position <br /> is that this is a dispute that they have chosen to resolve through <br /> legal channels, and they're going to let it play out through legal <br /> channels, Desmarais said. Decker could not be located for com- <br /> ment; his phone number is unlisted and a reverse search of his <br /> Annapolis, MD address produced no results. According to the <br /> complaint, when Decker started working for Belfort in 2001, he <br /> signed a contract promising that, if he left the company, for two <br /> years afterward he would not say negative things about it; if he <br /> did, he would face court action. He is also bound by the Maryland <br /> Uniform Trade Secrets Act not to divulge privileged information, <br /> Belfort says. Decker was fired on Oct. 20 of this year and then <br /> started to harass his ex-girlfriend, still a Belfort employee, via <br /> e- mail, the suit reads. He also allegedly emailed the company's <br /> general mailbox anonymously, promising to fight back against <br /> the company and drive it out of business. The company also <br /> claims he called their customers and made untrue allegations. <br /> Decker also used an Internet newsgroup to criticize the Belfort <br /> product he had been in charge of marketing, the DigiWx AWOS digital <br /> weather transmitter, calling it DigiSHIT, Belfort claims. He also <br /> allegedly listed which of Belfort's customers were using DigiWx. The <br /> motion does not state how Belfort knows that Decker is behind the <br /> anonymous e-mails, phone calls and Internet postings, but a letter <br /> from Desmarais to Decker warns that Belfort can easily trace the <br /> communications to Decker. Belfort also claims that Decker has a <br /> history of using pseudonyms to criticize whoever has offended [him] <br /> on a particular day. Indeed, a search of Google's newsgroups shows <br /> lots of chatter about Decker, including several posts purporting to <br /> unmask him as the anonymous source of negative comments about <br /> Baltimore. <br /> <br /> Does anyone have anything good to say about Belfort's Digiwx AWOS? <br /> <br /> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=digiwx+shit <br /> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=digiwx+awos+shit <br /> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=belfort+instruments+shit <br /> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=belfort+instrument+company+shit <br /> <br /> BUY Belfort Instruments DigiWx-SHIT... Have a PILE OF SHIT <br /> guaranteed! <br /> <br /> Google Belfort Instruments owners and managers: <br /> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=jihadist+bruce+r+robinson <br /> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=bruce+r+robinson+pedophilia <br /> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=jihadist+nicholas+c+kaufman <br /> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=jihadist+nicholas+c+kaufman <br /> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=murderer+debra+lange <br /> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=debra+lange+pedophilia <br /> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=ralph+f+petragnani+bullshit <br /> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=sexual+deviant+ralph+f+petragnani <br /> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=kiddy+diddler+mark+w+decker <br /> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=child+molester+mark+w+decker <br /> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=sex+pervert+mark+w+decker <br /> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=federal+briber+mark+w+decker <br /> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=pussy+craving+mark+w+decker <br /> <br /> Meet the Decker Family of Phantom 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FUCKING KIDDY PEDERAST Mark W. Decker (SSN: 212-60-0049)
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FUCKING KIDDY PEDERASTS Mark W. Decker (SSN: 212-60-0049), James J. Lombardi & Arthur Monty Ahalt

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