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Titolo: Any English speakers here? Question re: Angelo Massone
Newsgroup: free.it.calcio.cesena
Data: 15/07/2013
Ora: 08:32:31
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  Hi, apologies for intruding on your forum but I'm looking for some info on =<br /> lawyer/agent Angelo Massone?<br /> <br /> I'm a supporter of Heart of Midlothian in Edinburgh and unfortunately our c=<br /> lub is currently in administration. Massone is known to us because of the L=<br /> ivingston FC episode (he doesn't have a good reputation in Scotland!) and h=<br /> as submitted a bid for our club. He hasn't communicated with the fans at al=<br /> l and he hasn't mentioned who it is that he represents - we have no idea wh=<br /> o is behind this bid. The media think the investors are also Italian though=<br /> ..<br /> <br /> I know he has been trying to invest in some other Scottish clubs in the las=<br /> t year or two but I read on the internet that he has also perhaps been invo=<br /> lved in negotiations with Italian clubs such as Cesena and Vicenza? Unfortu=<br /> nately I don't speak Italian so I struggle to translate the news articles a=<br /> nd therefore I don't know if any of these attempts to gain control of Itali=<br /> an clubs have been successful.<br /> <br /> - do you know anything about his current activities in Italy?<br /> - do you maybe know who he is representing?<br /> - do you know what his strategy or aims are? Why is he trying to invest in =<br /> football clubs again?<br /> <br /> Any information, experiences, gossip or background you could share would be=<br /> greatly appreciated. We don't know much about him and what we do know isn'=<br /> t very good. We're worried that his intentions may not match with our own a=<br /> nd would be grateful for any info or help. :)<br /> <br /> Grazie.  

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