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Titolo: Racist Bigot George Gollin Sued in Liberian Shakedown Death Scam Ripoff
Newsgroup: it-alt.fan.dido
Data: 15/06/2010
Ora: 07:50:49
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  George Gollin is a University of Illinois science teacher who claims<br /> to be an =93expert=94 in accreditation=97despite having no formal education<br /> or training on the topic.<br /> <br /> =93These sons of bitches who smell money are just using the situation<br /> there for their own ends,=94 says George Gollin. =93They=92re monsters.<br /> They=92re just disgusting monsters.=94<br /> <br /> Who is George Gollin talking about? Perhaps it=92s the pedophile-<br /> pandering gay pornographer who ran the website where George Gollin<br /> made 1,280 posts? No, not a word about that from George Gollin.<br /> <br /> Maybe it=92s that woman who sold 386 mutant lab pigs to the public for<br /> food, and got cited by the FDA for violating federal health laws?<br /> That was no woman, that was his wife, Melanie Loots, and no comment on<br /> that from George Gollin either.<br /> <br /> Or could it perhaps have been that gay Oregon bureaucrat who was<br /> adjudged by a US federal court to be an anti-Christian bigot and civil<br /> rights violator? Nope, that was George Gollin=92s =93collaborator=94 Alan<br /> Contreras, to whom George Gollin sent all the slanderous web pages his<br /> employer ordered him to remove from their server.<br /> <br /> No, George Gollin is talking about people like Dr. Jerroll Dolphin.<br /> <br /> All Dr. Jerroll Dolphin wanted was to bring doctors and medical care<br /> to the poor, sick and dying of Liberia, an African country in the<br /> throes of violent chaos and civil war. Against all odds he nearly<br /> succeeded, opening St. Luke School of Medicine, obtaining government<br /> accreditation, and even graduating medical doctors who achieved an<br /> excellent 88% pass rate on national medical board exams.<br /> <br /> Thanks to Dr. Dolphin=92s efforts, for the first time in ten years<br /> doctors brought medicine to hundreds suffering in refugee camps.<br /> Twenty-five new doctors were licensed, many of whom paid nothing at<br /> all in tuition for their education.<br /> <br /> But then the rebels controlling the education system in Liberia began<br /> demanding a $6,000 a month bribe from Dr. Dolphin and St. Luke. When<br /> the school refused to pay George Gollin went into action, court<br /> documents allege.<br /> <br /> Acting as a =93consultant=94 to the corrupt Liberian regime, court<br /> documents allege that George Gollin began a campaign to slander St.<br /> Luke as an illegal =93diploma mill=94 operation.<br /> <br /> As a result of George Gollin=92s alleged treachery, St. Luke School of<br /> Medicine could not provide the doctors and medical care that the<br /> African people so desperately needed. And without such care, untold<br /> numbers of African men, women and children suffered needlessly and<br /> died cruelly.<br /> <br /> Now Dr. Dolphin and St. Luke School of Medicine are suing George<br /> Gollin and the University of Illinois in a California federal court.<br /> Dolphin already has obtained a $120 million judgment against some of<br /> the defendants in an African court.<br /> <br /> But who is really the =93monster=94 using the Liberian situation for his<br /> own ends? The answer is written in the blood of dead African babies.  

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