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Titolo: Deadline Extension - EvoMusArt 2017
Newsgroup: it.comp.musica
Data: 04/11/2016
Ora: 17:54:02
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  ------------------------------------------------<br /> Call for papers for the 6th EVOMUSART conference<br /> ------------------------------------------------<br /> <br /> -------------<br /> NEWS: DEADLINE EXTENSION : 15th of November<br /> <br /> NEWS: For the 20th year anniversary of the evo* conferences a website was m=<br /> ade available with all the information on the evoMUSART papers since 2003. =<br /> Feel free to browse and bookmark:=20<br /> <br /> http://evomusart-index.dei.uc.pt/<br /> <br /> -------------<br /> <br /> The 6th International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Music, So=<br /> und, Art and Design (evoMUSART) will be held in Amsterdam in 19-21 April 20=<br /> 17, as part of the evo* event. The main goal of EvoMusArt is to bring toget=<br /> her researchers who are using Computational Intelligence techniques for art=<br /> istic tasks such as visual art, music, architecture, video, digital games, =<br /> poetry, or design. The conference gives researchers in the field the opport=<br /> unity to promote, present and discuss ongoing work in the area.<br /> <br /> <br /> Important dates:<br /> Submission: 15 November 2016<br /> Notification to authors: 9 January 2017<br /> Camera-ready deadline: 25 January 2017<br /> Evo*: 19-21 April 2017<br /> <br /> We welcome submissions which use Computational Intelligence techniques (e.g=<br /> .. Evolutionary Computation, Artificial Life, Machine Learning, Swarm Intell=<br /> igence) in the generation, analysis and interpretation of art, music, desig=<br /> n, architecture and other artistic fields. Submissions must be at most 16 p=<br /> ages long, in Springer LNCS format (instructions downloadable from http://w=<br /> ww.springer.com/computer/lncs?SGWID=3D0-164-6-793341-0). Each submission mu=<br /> st be anonymised for a double-blind review process and submitted to http://=<br /> myreview.csregistry.org/evomusart17/ . The deadline for submission is 1 Nov=<br /> ember 2016, and acceptance notification on 9 January 2017. Accepted papers =<br /> will be presented orally or as posters at the event and included in the evo=<br /> MUSART proceedings published by Springer Verlag in a dedicated volume of th=<br /> e Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.<br /> <br /> Indicative topics include but are not limited to:<br /> * Systems that create drawings, images, animations, sculptures, poetry, tex=<br /> t, designs, webpages, buildings, etc.;<br /> * Systems that create musical pieces, sounds, instruments, voices, sound ef=<br /> fects, sound analysis, etc...;<br /> * Systems that create artifacts such as game content, architecture, furnitu=<br /> re, based on aesthetic and functional criteria;<br /> * Systems that resort to computational intelligence to perform the analysis=<br /> of image, music, sound, sculpture, or some other types of artistic object;=<br /> =20<br /> * Systems in which computational intelligence is used to promote the creati=<br /> vity of a human user;<br /> * Theories or models of computational aesthetics;<br /> * Computational models of emotional response, surprise, novelty;<br /> * Representation techniques for images, videos, music, etc;<br /> * Surveys of the current state-of-the-art in the area;<br /> * New ways of integrating the user in the process (e.g. improvisation, co-c=<br /> reation, participation).<br /> <br /> More information on the submission process and the topics of evoMUSART 2017=<br /> can be found at http://www.evostar.org/2017/cfp_evomusart.php=20<br /> <br /> We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam in 2017!<br /> <br /> The evoMUSART 2017 organisers  

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