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Titolo: IRC SERVER and Link
Newsgroup: it.comp.software.irc
Data: 22/07/2017
Ora: 20:53:39
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  <br /> <br /> Welcome to Banana / Angel Node for this IRC server<br /> <br /> Web page http://mccarragher.org<br /> <br /> UnRealIRCd Chat Server <br /> <br /> Allway free to use , Free to Enjoy's <br /> <br /> SSL/Secure Connection is Available <br /> <br /> Can use IRC/mIRC on server irc.mccarragher.org and Port : <br /> <br /> IRC Server Port Not Secure : 6667,6668<br /> Secure : 194,994<br /> <br /> HELP &gt; /helpops<br /> <br /> This is Available to users REGISTERED<br /> <br /> /msg nickserv help --&gt;&gt; to Registered and Handle you Registration <br /> /msg chanserv help --&gt;&gt; To Create and Handle Your Channel<br /> /msg memoserv help --&gt;&gt; leave a MEMO or Note to any Registered Users on this Server<br /> <br /> <br /> To Register &gt;&gt; /msg nickserv register &quot;PASSWORD&quot; &quot;Email&quot;<br /> You Will receive a Email to Validate Your Registration<br /> <br /> If not Work contact me &gt;&gt; luc AT mccarragher DOT org<br /> <br /> --==Try our Channel #travia , Addictive Bot , Question to Answer==--<br /> /join #travia <br /> <br /> Some Service Could be in Maintenance or UnAvailable<br /> <br /> <br /> FOR Rules /rules<br /> <br /> or <br /> <br /> Do not Disrupt the Servers , Users , Channels<br /> Do not Flood , Spam , ADS<br /> <br /> If you use Bot Be Sure to Not Floods Channel/Users<br /> Do not Privetise your ADS/SPAM/FLOOD<br /> <br /> You can leave a MEMO or Note to any Registered Users on this Server<br /> use the /msg memoserv help for more Info<br />  

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