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Titolo: [MI] - informatica - Sales account for foreign customers
Newsgroup: free.it.lavoro
Data: 29/08/2016
Ora: 18:08:47
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  Telnet Srl, a company operating since 1994 as an Internet Service <br /> Provider, is looking for a buyer and sales account that will manage <br /> customers and suppliers and seek new opportunities.<br /> <br /> Requirements: Excellent knowledge of English both written and spoken and <br /> good knowledge of a second language.<br /> <br /> Excellent knowledge of spreadsheet and related tools.<br /> <br /> Availability to travel abroad.<br /> <br /> The grading is offered full-time.<br /> <br /> The workplace will be in Via Caldera 21 in Milan.<br /> <br /> Those interested can send their CV by email ONLY to job@telnetwork.it<br /> <br /> This announcement is open to both sexes, under the laws 903/77 and <br /> 125/91, and people of all ages and all nationalities, under Legislative <br /> Decrees 215/03 and 216/03.<br /> <br /> The research will be carried out in compliance with privacy legislation <br /> (Law 675/96)<br /> <br /> Greetings.<br />  

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