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Titolo: Ambriel at the Farm
Newsgroup: free.it.giochi.warhammer
Data: 17/09/2014
Ora: 09:45:43
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  Chronicles of the<br /> Children of Destiny<br /> =20<br /> Ambriel at the Farm<br /> =20<br /> =20<br /> By<br /> Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly<br /> http://noahidebooks.angelfire.com<br /> =20<br /> =20<br /> (An Exclusive story for the 'Chronicles of the Children of Destiny' Google =<br /> Group)<br /> =20<br /> =20<br /> Ambriel owned a big farm in Terraphora. He had bought it with Meludiel in =<br /> the early years of Gabriel's term as Overseer for the Realm of Eternity and=<br /> now, 3 million years later, Raguel happily ensconced as Overseer of the Re=<br /> alm and doing fine, Ambriel had taken a few thousand years off his main dut=<br /> ies to relax with Meludiel and let life simply pass on by.<br /> =20<br /> It was simple, the farm life. Very simple. He and Meludiel - the two of t=<br /> hem - milked cows each morning, collected eggs, and occasionally picked out=<br /> some tomatoes and onions from the garden to use in the big Omelettes Melud=<br /> iel loved to cook for them both. Ambriel, from long experience, when he ne=<br /> eded to pee, often peed on the tomatoes because they gave them a very tangy=<br /> and lovely flavour when they were ripe. 'Human and Angel Urea is very ref=<br /> ined because of what we eat,' he commented to Meludiel once, and she acknow=<br /> ledged the delicious flavour which had come from his pee's nutrients into t=<br /> he tomatoes. It was natural living, and she was perfectly at home with it.<br /> =20<br /> Once, when they were out a back paddock late in the day, the two of them ca=<br /> me over a hill and were confronted with a stallion on the back of mare, hum=<br /> ping away. As soon as it saw the both of them it suddenly stopped and they=<br /> skitted away a distance. 'Oops,' said Meludiel. Ambriel smiled and looke=<br /> d at her. She was dressed in white lace, and looked beautiful. He put his=<br /> hand on her shoulder and smiled. 'Perhaps we could have some fun.'<br /> 'Here?' she said. 'You are kidding aren't you?'<br /> He wasn't kidding and, when she was down on all fours in the dirt, naked, s=<br /> hivering a little, her blessed grunting behind her as he thrust his manhood=<br /> into her glory, she thought to herself 'The Joys of Nature.'<br /> =20<br /> There was another memorable time. They had been to a local antique store a=<br /> nd purchased a rather large grandfather clock. When Daniel came to visit h=<br /> e looked at it suspiciously. 'I've seen that clock before,' he said. Ambr=<br /> iel smiled.<br /> =20<br /> Later that week, Ambriel coming into the kitchen early one morning, thinkin=<br /> g he had heard some noise, he found the clock gone and there, Daniel, just =<br /> outside, lifting the clock carefully, seemingly dragging it to his van.<br /> =20<br /> 'What the hell are you doing?' Ambriel asked Daniel.<br /> Daniel looked guilty, but said nothing.<br /> 'You are stealing our bloody clock,' said Ambriel.<br /> =20<br /> 'Oh. Well. Sorry. I had to.'<br /> 'Why?'<br /> =20<br /> 'Well, I owned this clock a few thousand years ago. I recognized some of t=<br /> he markings on it. There is something inside. An old gem which I hid ther=<br /> e once. It was part of a rare set of 7 gems I had stored away.'<br /> 'Why did you hide it?' queried Ambriel, curious.<br /> 'Well, I won the 7 gems in a bet with Satan, who said he would steal them b=<br /> ack eventually, and so I hid all 7. For the life of me I can't remember we=<br /> re I put the other 6, but as soon as I saw the clock I suddenly remembered =<br /> that I had hidden one in it.'<br /> 'Oh,' said Ambriel.<br /> =20<br /> And so, getting out some tools, they pulled the clock mechanism apart and, =<br /> sure enough, they found a beautiful opal of dazzling brilliance. Daniel sa=<br /> id 'Well, it really is your clock. You have it.'<br /> Ambriel smiled and thanked him.<br /> =20<br /> Later on that day, having been in the workshop that morning, he presented t=<br /> he opal to Meludiel with a chain now attached to it.<br /> =20<br /> 'Were did you get it?' she asked.<br /> 'Don't ask,' he responded.<br /> =20<br /> =20<br /> There was another time, when Michael came to visit, that they were up all n=<br /> ight with a version of 'Advanced Monopoly'. The three of them - Michael, A=<br /> mbriel &amp; Meludiel were all determined to win, but Ambriel had collected the=<br /> most properties and looked the most likely.<br /> =20<br /> Then it happened - he took a chance card, was fined taxation and, because h=<br /> e had too many properties, 1 of them had to be redeemed to the bank. Melud=<br /> iel landed on the property next turn and became the first player to complet=<br /> e a run of all 5 colours of a property. She was lucky. Slowly, inevitably=<br /> , she managed to put houses, and then hotels, and finally the bank on her p=<br /> roperty and, as time passed, and the other two landed on her from time to t=<br /> ime, she claimed the victory. She was very happy with that.<br /> =20<br /> =20<br /> The farmhouse was quite big. It had 3 levels and then an attic as well and=<br /> Meludiel sometimes stole away to the attic, sitting up there in the aftern=<br /> oon, sitting near the window, reading one of Daniel's volumes of Angelic fi=<br /> ction she liked, in a little world of her own. She would sit there, occasi=<br /> onally petting the cat on her lap, looking out the window at the farm, list=<br /> ening to the noise of the animals.<br /> =20<br /> She would sit there, sometimes well into the afternoon, sometimes into the =<br /> night, and Ambriel would rarely disturb her. He usually knew were she was.<br /> =20<br /> She read through Daniel's chronicles many times and, when he occasionally a=<br /> dded yet another volume to the voluminous saga she would, in time, finish o=<br /> ff the saga and start again. Her reading list grew each time.<br /> =20<br /> She would also, from time to time, bring up some ice tea and sit there, one=<br /> of her CDs playing in the background, thinking about life and God, and jus=<br /> t being happy simply being alive. Simply being.<br /> =20<br /> =20<br /> =20<br /> Out the back of the farmhouse was a windmill. It was quite a large one, an=<br /> d there was enough room for a verandah of sorts around the top layer of the=<br /> windmill. Meludiel would go up there, and look out over the cornfield. S=<br /> he would often think of the Superman movie, were Clark was in the field. S=<br /> he would sit up there and feel the spirit of the land, and her heart was mo=<br /> ved each time. She would gaze out into the distance, imagining the fields =<br /> going on forever, even though she had a pretty good idea were they ended. =<br /> It was spiritual - it was life - and she did it often, escaping away, at pe=<br /> ace with herself and God.<br /> =20<br /> =20<br /> Ambriel's own private meditations in those years were often down in the bas=<br /> ement of the farmhouse, sitting in the small lounge down there, reading som=<br /> e book or another. It was a quiet place, a little cold, especially in wint=<br /> er, but Meludiel said she would not disturb him down there.<br /> =20<br /> There was a pinball machine against the wall and, often, he would play it. =<br /> Going for his high score again and again, just to pass the time, just to e=<br /> njoy himself.<br /> =20<br /> And at other times he would sit there, reading through a text, thinking ove=<br /> r what it was saying, and staring at the Aquarium, at the goldfish, working=<br /> out life. Working through ideas. Working through what it was all about.<br /> =20<br /> He painted war game figures down there, at one end of the basement. In the=<br /> local community there was a strong war-gaming presence, and they played, u=<br /> sually, Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Ambriel delighted in painting the figuri=<br /> nes and putting in a wholehearted effort to ensure they were of a high qual=<br /> ity.<br /> =20<br /> One campaign he was on was divided into a 300 year scenario of various conq=<br /> uests and quests - he did his best, but his main rival was simply stunning =<br /> at the game in those days. He was clued up to all Ambriel's moves and alwa=<br /> ys seemed to be just that step ahead. But he finished the campaign well, a=<br /> nd his rankings in Realm wide statistics benefited because of it.<br /> =20<br /> =20<br /> =20<br /> He thought on eternity a lot in those days. How things just went on, and n=<br /> ever really ended. That they were children of eternal life, and simply rea=<br /> lly just had to 'BE' to enjoy it all. Oh, there was always this and that t=<br /> o fuss about, but life could be as complex as you wanted to make it, or as =<br /> simple as you wanted to make it. It all depended on you.<br /> =20<br /> =20<br /> He wrote a novel, late in the reign of Raguel, called 'Joy'. It was semi-a=<br /> utobiographical, about a farming couple retired from the big smoke. In tru=<br /> th he melded a lot of his own adventures with Meludiel into a contrived plo=<br /> t, but he was happy with the outcome. The book charted at number one of th=<br /> e realm bestseller list, mainly because of his fame, but the critics also r=<br /> emarked that it was extremely well written and had genuine warmth.<br /> =20<br /> =20<br /> =20<br /> There were a lot of adventures in those days on the farm and, although they=<br /> never sold the place, they eventually returned to the mainstream world and=<br /> got caught up with the affairs of Phanuel's overseersmanship. They were g=<br /> ood times and, so Ambriel promised Meludiel, they would inevitably return t=<br /> here one day, but for now they had ended, and life moved on. It moved on, =<br /> again, into the complex riddle of eternal life and destiny charted yet anot=<br /> her adventure for the likes of Ambriel, Seraphim Angel of Eternity.<br /> =20<br /> The End  

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