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Titolo: A Timeless Voice And A Violin - A Duet Like No Other
Newsgroup: it.arti.musica.jazz
Data: 10/10/2017
Ora: 09:28:04
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  &quot;Two Hearts, One Soul&quot; is the third single to be released from the CD For Y=<br /> ou. Grammy nominated Sylvia Bennett invites Hungarian violinist and bandlea=<br /> der Peter Ferencz, from the Smooth Jazz Pop ensemble, Peet Project to accom=<br /> pany her in a duet where voice and violin caress in a romantic dance.<br /> <br /> Sylvia Bennett, along with her long-time producer, Hal S. Batt, collaborate=<br /> d to write &quot;Two Hearts, One Soul&quot; for her latest CD For You. It is the ulti=<br /> mate love song where the love is so deep between two people that their hear=<br /> ts are intertwined into one soul.<br /> <br /> International recording artist and song=E2=80=93writer Sylvia Bennett has p=<br /> erformed at Presidential Inaugurations and opened for such renowned artists=<br /> as Bob Hope, Phyllis Diller, Jackie Mason, Dizzy Gillespie, Barry Gibb and=<br /> David Brenner. Discovered by the legendary Lionel Hampton, she has since c=<br /> aptivated audiences and critics alike with her sultry and honeyed toned voi=<br /> ce.<br /> <br /> Peter &quot;Peet&quot; Ferencz has enjoyed chart topping success of his own with his =<br /> latest album The Bad Boys of Budapest. The first single, &quot;Rosy Cheeks,&quot; spe=<br /> nt 14 weeks on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Top 30.<br /> <br /> For You is available for sale on Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Visit SylviaB=<br /> ennett.com for the latest news or follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Insta=<br /> gram.<br /> <br /> Website: http://www.sylviabennett.com/<br /> Music: http://youtu.be/abJUS3iJp0U<br /> <br /> Source: http://www.mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=3D199463  

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