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Newsgroup: free.it.musica.britney-spears
Data: 03/06/2011
Ora: 07:41:17
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  REMIXEVOLUTION AUSTRALIA 2011 JUNE BRAND NEW RELEASES - 720p HQ Links Within view now!!<br /> <br /> ** visit us at http://youtube.com/RemixEvolution **<br /> <br /> It's been a while since we posted to usenet, so here are a range of 5 brand new 2011 releases that are absolutely huge!! You should listen to these and rate them. If you enjoy trance, dance, vocal trance, you will (hopefully) be blown away!!!!!!!!<br /> RemixEvolution Australia remix team: http://youtube.com/RemixEvolution<br /> <br /> ------------<br /> 1. 2011 4 Strings Take Me Away vs Stonefaced Terminal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rMW7Iy5l4U<br /> <br /> This is a totally original recomposition of 4 String's classic &quot;Take Me Away&quot;, intertwined beautifully with StonefacedTerminal's mid and high range effects. The two tracks are alternated between during the mixing session, with several majorly high points such as 1:59 onwards. There is a large amount of work that went into the original decomposition of the various samples which were then relayered using a combination of VDJ and CoolEdit pro. many sections were thoroughly worked over with an equaliser and/or fade effects to great result. the overall track exhibits a hard, trance edge that can be guaranteed to fill a club dance floor. Worked out for the best!!!<br /> ------------<br /> <br /> ------------<br /> 2. A Journey of the Wonders of the World 2011 backed by http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCoy5UjgReY<br /> <br /> C-Systems Reason to Live heavily remixed <br /> Allow me to take you on a journey of humankind. (Please watch full screen 480 or preferably 720p!!) The backing track is a remix of &quot; A reason to live&quot;. I think everything exemplified in these images inspires a reason to live. I've shown The Nile and its lifegiving Dela, Africa (cradle of Humanity), Niagara Falls, the New D-Processor from Google (pseduo-quantum or pure quantum processor), shown Troops at War, Stonehenge, Ancient Rome, A galactic 3D Map, Maccu Piccu, and a Scaled version of the distances involved in our solar system, as well as an overriding message, that we WILL prevail. This is hardly complete, our world is full of wonderous things.<br /> ------------<br /> <br /> ------------<br /> 3. BRILLIANT Lonely Girl 2011 Oceanlab vs Hybrid's Unfinished Symphony 2011<br /> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4X6oY4gitY<br /> <br /> originally designed as a showcase of mixing ability, this track became just TOO good to not release. Enjoy our brand-new Lonely Girl 2011 Trance remix - This brilliant hard, progressive trance track features vocals from OceanLab, production of parts by Above &amp; Beyond, as well as the entire midrange ensemble from Hybrid's Unfinished Symphony. Unfinished Symphony injected a much needed dose of uplifting and sparkling top end, peaks occur in the original Oceanlab positions but are significantly enhanced through a variety of build-up vocal effects applied to Unfinished Symphony. Once again, there has been NO post-production performed on this waveform. There is possibly 1 or 2 spots I'd normally clean up ever so slightly, but in this case I'm leaving them because I like the idea of uploading uncorrected work.<br /> Uploaded here in 720p it uses 44.1khz stereo PCM encoding so please play in 480p or 720p / HD HQ.<br /> This is 6 minutes of absolute bliss....<br /> ------------<br /> <br /> <br /> ------------<br /> 5. I'll Take You There - Directors Redub by RemixEvolution 2011 - Jamie Principle Frankie Knuckles release<br /> <br /> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNAbK2eDuM8<br /> <br /> Enjoy a set from us from May 2011,<br /> featuring Jamie Principle's vocals from the Directors cut of I'll take you there.<br /> Recorded live and automatically uploaded from tubemogul account as it was missing.<br /> Enjoy this missing video! We will update description with production details later.<br /> This is being uploaded as 1080i as a sample for us to evaluate. this video is not available to all public.<br /> ------------<br />  

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