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Titolo: Cheap Ink Cartridges
Newsgroup: free.it.calcio.cittadella
Data: 17/02/2009
Ora: 05:14:01
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  &lt;HTML&gt;<br /> &lt;HEAD&gt;<br /> &lt;META NAME=&quot;GENERATOR&quot; Content=&quot;Microsoft DHTML Editing Control&quot;&gt;<br /> &lt;TITLE&gt;&lt;/TITLE&gt;<br /> &lt;/HEAD&gt;<br /> &lt;BODY&gt;<br /> &lt;P&gt;We have a smal business but we go through tons of color <br /> ink and we were spending a bundle on ink cartridges, refillls, we tried it <br /> all.&amp;nbsp; One of our clients has put together a resource site for printing <br /> supplies and services of all kinds.&amp;nbsp; The information is unbiased and shows <br /> you just about everything out there.&amp;nbsp; Whatever your print needs and demands <br /> are I would recommend checkingthis site out and seeing where you can save <br /> money.&amp;nbsp; It's free and you don't have to sign up for anything, it is simple <br /> an informational site.&lt;/P&gt;<br /> &lt;P&gt;Their URL is&lt;/P&gt;<br /> &lt;P&gt;&lt;A <br /> href=&quot;http://farpointprintservices.com">http://farpointprintservices.com</A></P><br /> &lt;P&gt;Nicole and Joe!&lt;/P&gt;<br /> &lt;P&gt;Interested in Politics&lt;/P&gt;<br /> &lt;P&gt;&lt;A href=&quot;http://ademocraticfuture.com">http://ademocraticfuture.com</A></P><br /> &lt;P&gt;&amp;nbsp;&lt;/P&gt;<br /> &lt;/BODY&gt;<br /> &lt;/HTML&gt;<br />  

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