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Titolo: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=28IV=C1N=29=3A_YESHUA_=28JESUS=29_HAS_HIS_ARMS_AND_HANDS_EXTEN?= =?ISO-8859-1?Q?DED_OVER_YOU=3A?=
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S=E1bado, 14 de Enero, a=F1o 2012 de Nuestro Salvador Jesucristo,<br /> Guayaquil, Ecuador - Iberoam=E9rica<br /> <br /> (Cartas del cielo son escritas por Iv=E1n Valarezo)<br /> <br /> (MANUEL FRAGA GOZA DE LA PAZ Y GLORIA CELESTIAL: Deseamos expresar<br /> nuestras m=E1s profundas condolencias a Galicia y toda Espa=F1a por la<br /> desaparici=F3n del estadista y padre de la constituci=F3n espa=F1ola a<br /> Manuel Fraga. Nuestro amor, oraciones y condolencias son siempre para<br /> su familia y allegados y dem=E1s amistades que sienten el dolor de su<br /> ausencia.<br /> <br /> Hoy en d=EDa, =E9l se encuentra en la presencia sant=EDsima de nuestro Padr=<br /> e<br /> celestial que est=E1 en el cielo, gozando de la paz y la gloria<br /> celestial porque en su coraz=F3n siempre hubo amor por la verdad y la<br /> justicia para el servicio de sus hermanos y hermanas. Verdad y<br /> justicia que nuestro Padre celestial siempre ama infinitamente, ya que<br /> por ello envi=F3 al mundo a su Hijo amado, nuestro Se=F1or Jesucristo,<br /> para nacer en el coraz=F3n de Manuel Fraga con el fin de que en su<br /> ultimo d=EDa de vida en la tierra regrese a los brazos de su Dios y<br /> Fundador de su felicidad eterna.<br /> <br /> Y esto fue que nuestro Se=F1or Jesucristo naci=F3 del vientre virgen de la<br /> hija de David, para morir por sus transgresiones sobre los =E1rboles<br /> cruzados de Ad=E1n y Eva sobre el monte santo de Jerusal=E9n, para que en<br /> el tercer d=EDa resucitar de la oscuridad a la vida eterna de la luz<br /> eterna del para=EDso. Por lo tanto, =E9l sigue paso a paso y para siempre<br /> al Cordero de Dios, nuestro Se=F1or Jesucristo, que fue inmolado desde<br /> la creaci=F3n del mundo para derramar su vida eterna con el fin de<br /> llenar a todo hombre, mujer, ni=F1o y ni=F1a de vida eterna, en esta vida<br /> y en la vendiera tambi=E9n eternamente y para siempre.<br /> <br /> Ciertamente que Manuel Fraga es feliz infinitamente con nuestro Padre<br /> celestial, con su salvador Jesucristo y con el Esp=EDritu Santo en su<br /> nueva vida angelical del cielo y, por ello, recuerda con mucho amor a<br /> sus familiares, a Espa=F1a y a la humanidad entera, para que pronto<br /> tambi=E9n volverlos a ver en persona en el cielo, y esta vez para<br /> siempre.<br /> <br /> MALAVENTURANZA DE COSTA CONCORDIA: Tambi=E9n, en estos d=EDas, nuestro<br /> amor, condolencias y oraciones est=E1n muy cerca con las familias que<br /> perdieron a sus amados y amistades en el barco italiano que quedo<br /> encallado, por error humano, cerca de las costas italianas.<br /> <br /> Nuestro Se=F1or Jesucristo los recibi=F3 en su gloria celestial, porque<br /> para ellos descendi=F3 del cielo para nacer del vientre virgen de la<br /> hija de David para vivir la vida perfecta del Esp=EDritu Santo de los<br /> Diez Mandamientos para que todo hombre, mujer, ni=F1o y ni=F1a puedan<br /> volver a la vida eterna del para=EDso.<br /> <br /> Por lo tanto, ellos est=E1n gozando los d=EDas gloriosos ya de la vida<br /> eterna del para=EDso para seguir los pasos del Cordero de Dios, nuestro<br /> Se=F1or Jesucristo, para servicio sant=EDsimo de nuestro Padre celestial y<br /> de su Esp=EDritu Santo, para jam=E1s volver a conocer la oscuridad sino<br /> solamente la luz que alumbra abundantemente la felicidad eterna de<br /> cada d=EDa. =A1Am=E9n!)<br /> <br /> <br /> YESHUA (JESUS) HAS HIS ARMS AND HANDS EXTENDED OVER YOU:<br /> <br /> Our heavenly Father told Moses that he was to come up to Mount Sinai,<br /> because He was going to show him the place where our Rebbe Yeshua<br /> HaMoshiach had laid down his life to shed his atoning-blood to create<br /> heaven and earth thus to fill them with life for all His children to<br /> enjoy forever. And Moses was obedient to His voice to do unerringly as<br /> he was told, for our heavenly Father needed to take him exactly to the<br /> place where He had immolated His blessed Son=92s sacred life since<br /> creation, so He may create all things thus to fill them for His<br /> children to live always enriched in peace and everlasting glories.<br /> <br /> Then our heavenly Father took Moses by his hand and walked over Mount<br /> Sinai=92s summit to take him to the place of the continuous celestial-<br /> sacrifice of His Son=92s atoning-blood shed over the ancient eternal<br /> rock, so people from everywhere may drink from it and live forever<br /> saved and blessed into all eternity to come. And our heavenly Father<br /> was doing these things for Moses, even though he could not understand<br /> precisely what our heavenly Father was doing, however, he went with<br /> Him because many nations needed to drink and eat from the eternal<br /> rock=92s ancient sacrifice as well, for eternal life is destined to rule<br /> the entire world just as it is in heaven.<br /> <br /> Nevertheless, Moses surprised stood firm at our Lord Jesus Christ=92s<br /> feet where his hands nailed to Eve=92s hands and feet because she,<br /> deceived by the old serpent, took from the tree of knowledge of good<br /> and evil to eat from it, and the Lord=92s feet to Adam=92s feet because he<br /> came out from the earth to walk away from eternal life. And our Lord<br /> Jesus Christ was nailed there faithfully to Adam and Eve=92s crossed<br /> trees so they may not continue to walk away from eternal life and our<br /> heavenly Father=92s glorious new angelic Kingdom but, instead, return to<br /> Him through the superb sacred-flesh, unbroken-bones, and atoning-blood<br /> of the daily sacrifice, so they may live never to die in eternity.<br /> <br /> Truthfully, our heavenly Father needed to show Moses that His blessed<br /> Chosen Lamb with the atoning-blood had been slain from the creation of<br /> the world but also our heavenly Father needed to show Moses and Israel<br /> that He had to immolate His blessed Son=92s righteous life, so people<br /> may stop walking away from Him forever deceived by Satan=92s ancient<br /> lies into eternity. That is why that our heavenly Father needed to<br /> nail His blessed Lamb with the atoning-blood over Adam and Eve=92s<br /> crossed old trees from paradise, so they may stop falling lost forever<br /> into the underworld of hell, where the smoke rises and never ceases to<br /> burn into eternity, tormenting those that have walked away from<br /> eternal life eternally deceived.<br /> <br /> Besides, this was the only way possible to destroy Satan=92s lies that<br /> had been manifested to Adam and Eve through the old serpent=92s tongue<br /> in paradise, so they may eat from the forbidden fruit instead of<br /> eating from the fruit of life (the one slain from the creation of the<br /> world for eternal life finally to thrive everywhere forever).<br /> Moreover, as Moses stood at our Lord Jesus Christ=92s feet because he is<br /> the one slain from the creation of the world for our heavenly Father<br /> to create heaven and earth, then he removed his sandals because the<br /> place where he was standing is holy ground and bowed down to adore him<br /> within his heart as his personal savior.<br /> <br /> Furthermore, as Moses acknowledged our Rebbe Yeshua HaMoshiach as his<br /> personal savior, because he not only is our heavenly Father=92s Lamb<br /> with the atoning-blood slain from the creation of the world to create<br /> heaven and earth, but also he is our personal salvation thus to<br /> liberate us from Satan=92s hidden lies forever, so we may live saved<br /> into eternity. In other words, what our heavenly Father had shown<br /> Moses over Mount Sinai=92s summit and within the secret place where our<br /> Rebbe Yeshua HaMoshiach was first slain from the creation of the world<br /> and for Israel someday to become His personal nation of Gods and<br /> priests to serve Him, it was to manifest openly everyone=92s sacred body<br /> for salvation.<br /> <br /> That is to say, this is God=92s salvation in person for every man, woman<br /> and child within Israel and the nations from all the generations that<br /> have existed on earth, and that will exist in the future=97this is the<br /> perfect salvation to escape sin, curses, infirmities, poverty and<br /> death on earth and in hell to reenter heaven forever saved. Because,<br /> it was our Lord Jesus Christ who would later descend into the world by<br /> the supernatural powers of His Holy Spirit thus to grant each one of<br /> us our personal salvation through the virgin birth from David=92s<br /> daughter, so we may not only have our sins forgiven but also receive<br /> the glorified body to return to heaven anyday.<br /> <br /> Meaning also that what our heavenly Father was showing to Moses, it<br /> was his personal salvation moreover the personal salvation of every<br /> one on earth, therefore, His blessed Son was ready to redeem Israel<br /> from Egypt=92s eternal captivity so they may walk immediately towards<br /> the place where He had chosen to manifest His first daily celestial-<br /> sacrifice to the world forever. At this secret place high within Mount<br /> Sinai=92s summit, Moses saw our Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed into Adam<br /> and Eve=92s crossed trees with his hands extended towards him and<br /> towards Israel as well, so Israel may become at last liberated from<br /> Egypt so they may finally go to the Promised Land where they will<br /> receive salvation in his persona forever.<br /> <br /> That is to say, also that as Moses saw our heavenly Father=92s Lamb with<br /> the atoning-blood at the place of sacrifice, then he saw his personal<br /> salvation as the sacred-flesh, unbroken-bones and atoning-blood filled<br /> with his personal righteousness, perfection, sanctification, power,<br /> peace and glory that he will someday dress to serve our heavenly<br /> Father on earth and in heaven forever. This was his personal salvation<br /> that Moses was beholding as he stood in front of him=97the salvation<br /> that he had always wanted to posses but he could not because he was<br /> enslaved in Egypt because he was born a Hebrew=97therefore=97this is the<br /> salvation that Israel had waited for four hundred years to escape<br /> Egypt the sooner the better.<br /> <br /> In other words, Moses saw in person our heavenly Father=92s glory for<br /> him to live eternally saved alone with Israel, so they may become<br /> liberated finally from the powers of darkness that were holding them<br /> captive within Egypt thus to begin to know love at last to serve our<br /> heavenly Father=92s glorious continuous celestial-sacrifice of the<br /> atoning-blood, Jesus Christ. Indeed, it is Jesus Christ our heavenly<br /> Father=92s glory from the creation of the world that He needed to<br /> sacrifice over the eternal rock so He may create everything for his<br /> children to inhabit them filled with immeasurable richness to enjoy<br /> each day of their entire lives=97Jesus Christ the door, way, truth and<br /> life for His children to return home.<br /> <br /> For Jesus Christ is our heavenly Father=92s personal continuous<br /> celestial-sacrifice of the atoning-blood that He personally chose<br /> within the Holy of Holiest in heaven for Israel to serve Him through<br /> every day of their lives whether this is on earth or in heaven as the<br /> New Jerusalem from heaven above, for example, where truth, holiness<br /> and justice prevail forever. Indeed, our Lord Jesus Christ is our<br /> heavenly Father=92s perfect, truth, holiness and justice on earth, in<br /> heaven and within the New Jerusalem from heaven above where love,<br /> peace, glory and eternal happiness prevail endlessly for every angel<br /> and for every man, woman and child as well into all eternity to come.<br /> <br /> Therefore, it is only through this glorious ancient celestial-<br /> sacrifice of His Rebbe Yeshua HaMoshiach=92s atoning-blood that our<br /> heavenly Father not only liberates them from the power of darkness and<br /> of their lying enemies, but also it is the heavenly source through<br /> which He blesses them every day and beyond the end of time. That is to<br /> say, also that if our heavenly Father had not shown Moses His blessed<br /> Son=92s arms extended every day towards Israel and the nations, then our<br /> Rebbe Yeshua HaMoshiach could have never saved them much less liberate<br /> them from the power of captivity from Satan=92s darkness whether this is<br /> within Egypt or wherever they may go on earth today.<br /> <br /> That is why that our heavenly Father told Israel that wherever they<br /> may go on earth, then they were to lift an altar for the glory of His<br /> continuous celestial-sacrifice of His blessed Rebbe Yeshua HaMoshiach,<br /> so they may be protected from evil always, and blessing may enter into<br /> their lives without any delays on earth and in heaven forever. And if<br /> they become thirsty and hungry because of the earth=92s unexpected<br /> calamities that the nations suffer occasionally, then He would provide<br /> immediately food and drink from the eternal rock just as He had done<br /> it through the desert, and this is the supernatural protection of the<br /> continuous celestial-sacrifice of His Son=92s atoning-blood that Moses<br /> saw over Mount Sinai=92s summit.<br /> <br /> For this is the only protection that our heavenly Father guaranteed to<br /> Moses and to Israel initially over Mount Sinai=92s summit, so they may<br /> always live protected against all Satan=92s wilds, beginning within<br /> Egypt=92s captivity, so they may serve Him each day of their entire<br /> lives through the glorious rituals of love and reverence to His<br /> continuous celestial-sacrifice, Jesus Christ. Because, it is only<br /> truth our Rebbe Yeshua HaMoshiach=92s sacrifice life whether this is<br /> from the creation of the world over the eternal rock, over Mount<br /> Sinai=92s summit and its secret place or finally over Jerusalem=92s holy<br /> hill that our heavenly Father receives from every man, woman and<br /> child=92s love, respect, exaltation, glorification, and service.<br /> <br /> Truthfully, this is the celestial-sacrifice of the atoning-blood from<br /> our Rebbe Yeshua HaMoshiach that not only liberated from captivity<br /> Israel, but also granted them to eat and drink through the desert,<br /> because before Israel began to cross the desert to possess the<br /> Promised Land, then our heavenly Father made them stand before Mount<br /> Sinai=92s foot. Because, it was going to be from here that He was going<br /> to quench their thirst moreover give them to eat bread from heaven<br /> (manna), so they may never thirst and hunger on their way to the<br /> Promised Land finally to lift for Him the glorious sacrificed life of<br /> His blessed Son Jesus Christ from the creation of the world.<br /> <br /> Lawfully, Israel was liberated from Egypt=92s captivity so they may stop<br /> suffering Satan=92s wilds and his terrible darkness thus to lift high<br /> just as within the Holy of Holiest in heaven and over Mount Sinai=92s<br /> his blessed Son=92s sacrificed life from the creation of the world for<br /> the Promised Land and over Jerusalem=92s holy hill, so Satan may die<br /> forever cursed. For it was within the Promised Land that: our heavenly<br /> Father was going to show Israel and the nations what Moses saw over<br /> Mount Sinai=92s summit and at the secret place where our heavenly<br /> Father=92s Lamb with the atoning-blood was slain initially to create all<br /> things thus to fill them with life for the glory of His anointed<br /> name.<br /> <br /> And this is our heavenly Father=92s glorious name that lives in perfect<br /> holiness within the heart and atoning-blood of His Son=92s sacrificed<br /> life from the creation of the world and over Mount Sinai=92s eternal<br /> rock thus to perform miracles, wonders and signs within Israel, Egypt<br /> and the nations, so He may be known finally as their Father that loves<br /> them everlastingly. Like this, also the nations will drink and eat<br /> from him, the continuous celestial-sacrifice of the atoning-blood<br /> within the Holy of Holiest in heaven, so people from everywhere may<br /> also walk to His eternal rock where living-water flows constantly to<br /> quench every one=92s thirst moreover gives them the bread from heaven,<br /> so they may never hunger again into eternity.<br /> <br /> Because, any one that leaves this world to enter eternity without<br /> having drunken or eaten from the eternal rock just as Israel did at<br /> Mount Sinai=92s foot by our heavenly Father=92s command to do so humbly,<br /> then he will thirst and hunger in a hell like desert forever cursed<br /> without ever having anything to drink much less to eat. For hell is as<br /> the Sinai=92s desert is these days on earth where there is no water much<br /> less anything to eat, the only things that can be found within it will<br /> be a hot blazing sun high above, dried winds, sand and a hole in<br /> ground ready to receive those that cannot eat or drink to hold to dear<br /> life.<br /> <br /> Frankly, this is the glorious ancient sacrifice of the Rebbe Yeshua<br /> HaMoshiach=92s abundant atoning-blood that Moses saw over Mount Sinai=92s<br /> summit with his hands extended over Israel so he may fill them with<br /> power to walk away from the chains and shackles of darkness within<br /> Egypt=92s captivity, what is more fed them well all the way into the<br /> Promised Land. For our Lord Jesus Christ is indeed food and drink to<br /> the heart, mind, soul, body and human spirit of every man, woman and<br /> child that wants to live only to please our heavenly Father=92s perfect<br /> heart from where he came out the day he was created in His image to<br /> live according to His likeness forever into eternity.<br /> <br /> Meaning also that every Israelite drank living water from the rock and<br /> ate the manna from it as well, because our Rebbe Yeshua HaMoshiach was<br /> slain before the angelic hosts within the Holy of Holiest in heaven<br /> and over Mount Sinai=92s summit from the creation of the world, so<br /> Israel may live forever saved thus to inherit heaven today. Moses knew<br /> exactly what he was doing as he took Israel through the desert, for he<br /> had seen in person our Rebbe Yeshua HaMoshiach over Mount Sinai=92s<br /> summit slain from the creation of the world with his arms extended<br /> towards Israel to empower and embrace them as his brothers forever<br /> only to know love, liberty, truth and justice before our Father.<br /> <br /> Absolutely, Moses saw our Rebbe Yeshua HaMoshiach=92s arms bleeding with<br /> the atoning-blood that pleases our heavenly Father moreover he saw him<br /> with arms extended towards Israel each day, so they may come close to<br /> him and become cleanse from sin for love, liberty, peace, glory, truth<br /> and justice to prevail within their lives forever on earth and in<br /> heaven. Really, these are the hands of our heavenly Father that<br /> protected them from all the enemy nations that held powerful armies<br /> that could have very well wipe them out from the face of the earth in<br /> one battle, moreover with the same hands our Lord heal them from<br /> infirmities, so they may live in peace wherever they may go.<br /> <br /> And whenever Israel sinned against our heavenly Father, our Lord Jesus<br /> Christ was always ready with his arms extended to forgive any sin,<br /> only if they repented through the supernatural powers of the daily<br /> rituals of the animals=92 blood-sacrifice that they conducted over our<br /> heavenly Father=92s altars, so blessing and healing may come into their<br /> lives supernaturally and immediately. Unquestionably, Moses never<br /> forgot our Lord Jesus Christ=92s arms extended over Israel as he saw<br /> them over Mount Sinai=92s summit and within the secret place that our<br /> heavenly Father manifested to him personally, so he may always<br /> remember what he saw within the Holy of Holiest in heaven in all the<br /> days of his life, for Israel=92s eternal well-being.<br /> <br /> That is to say, also that each time that Moses prayed to our heavenly<br /> Father, specially within the Holy of Holiest of the tabernacle that he<br /> built according to the one that He showed him in heaven, so his<br /> prayers may get through into His heart and answer them immediately for<br /> Israel to prosper abundantly always steadily towards heaven. Moreover,<br /> Israel was a superpower in the midst of the nations with powerful<br /> armies, because Moses always remembered within his heart what our<br /> heavenly Father personally showed him the secret place where His<br /> blessed Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, lifted his wounded arms towards<br /> heaven and extended over towards Israel, so Israel may live protected<br /> from evil each day.<br /> <br /> Supernaturally, our heavenly Father could only remain faithful to<br /> Israel because of the promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for a<br /> better land where they could serve Him each day engulfed with the Holy<br /> Spirit of love, peace and glory forever into eternity, if Moses will<br /> always remember loyally what He showed him over Mount Sinai at its<br /> secret place. And this secret place over Mount Sinai=92s summit is where<br /> our Lord Jesus Christ laid down his sacred life, so he may pour the<br /> atoning-blood to create heaven and earth then to fill them with life,<br /> so man may live there forever blessed thus returning to paradise in<br /> the last days filled with eternal life from His ancient celestial-<br /> sacrifice.<br /> <br /> Therefore, because of the glorious celestial-sacrifice of His blessed<br /> Son=92s atoning-blood shed from the creation of the world over our<br /> heavenly Father=92s altar and eternal rock at Mount Sinai=92s summit, then<br /> Israel could drink living-water from it and eat manna, so they may<br /> live a very healthy life where life was impossible within the vast<br /> hostile Sinai=92s desert. Certainly, Israel never lacked anything within<br /> the vast barren desert on their way to the Promised Land, because our<br /> Lord Jesus Christ never let his arms down much less retrieved his<br /> hands from over them, so goodness and blessing may always follow them<br /> all the days of their lives within the desert, the Promised Land and<br /> beyond eternity too.<br /> <br /> For this is the main purpose of the supreme celestial-sacrifice of His<br /> blessed Son=92s, our Lord Jesus Christ, atoning-blood over the eternal<br /> rock from the creation of the world to create heaven and earth but<br /> also to provide life to all living things, especially man that was<br /> born in God=92s image to live according to His likeness forever into<br /> eternity. And whenever powerful armies came against them in the desert<br /> while they were on the way to the Promised Land, then the supernatural<br /> powers of the continuous celestial-sacrifice of His Son=92s atoning-<br /> blood from within Mount Sinai=92s secret place where our Lord Jesus<br /> Christ shed his atoning-blood powerful-help always came to them, so<br /> they may escape their enemies=92 violent hands.<br /> <br /> For this were powerful armies well trained and armed that could very<br /> well destroy Israel within one single battle, because they were driven<br /> by devils and Satan that wanted to wipe them clean from the face of<br /> the earth, so our heavenly Father=92s promises may come to nothing on<br /> earth and within the New Jerusalem from heaven above as well. However,<br /> whenever powerful armies came against them, and our Lord Jesus Christ<br /> hands were not over them because of rebellion against our heavenly<br /> Father or Moses, for instance, then their enemies attacked them<br /> merciless until they were defeated or completely shattered that they<br /> would fail to continue to fight anymore=97and they would retreat to<br /> their homes filled with shame.<br /> <br /> Nonetheless, the moment they recognized their sin against our heavenly<br /> Father or Moses, and they were washed clean from all evil and<br /> injustices by the powers of the atoning-blood from Mount Sinai=92s<br /> secret place, then, they were able to overcome their enemies to<br /> continue on their way to possess the Promised Land as promised<br /> initially to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. For example, as the Israelites<br /> fought the Amalekites at Rephidim our heavenly Father taught them that<br /> as long as Moses stood over the mountaintop just as He had personally<br /> shown him over Mount Sinai=92s summit at the secret place where our Lord<br /> Jesus Christ was slain from the creation of the world, then they could<br /> effortlessly defeat their enemies.<br /> <br /> Moses at the mountaintop at Rephidim stood firm over Israel with his<br /> arms extended over to them just as he had seen our Lord Jesus Christ<br /> extend his arms towards captivated Israel over Mount Sinai=92s summit,<br /> so they may escape Egypt before it was too late, then the Israelites<br /> would begin to win over the Amalekites tremendously and decisively.<br /> However, as Moses became tired then his arms dropped low, and the<br /> Amalekites show more power over the Israelites to the point that they<br /> killed them by the hundreds, but, as Moses lifted his arms and<br /> extended them over Israel just as he had seen Jesus Christ=92s arms<br /> extended over Mount Sinai then the battle would turn in their favor<br /> mysteriously.<br /> <br /> Here, our heavenly Father was teaching not just Moses as He personally<br /> did over Mount Sinai=92s secret place where our Lord Jesus Christ was<br /> slain with his arms extended towards Israel from the creation of the<br /> world, but also taught them that if they can keep their hands up then<br /> they can overcome all evil wherever they may go. Therefore, the arms<br /> extended and hands raising high towards heaven it is our heavenly<br /> Father=92s personal teaching to Moses over Mount Sinai=92s secret place of<br /> the ancient sacrifice Son=92s life from the creation of the world thus<br /> to create all things as we know them today on earth, moreover to<br /> defeat evil immediately wherever they may go to live on earth.<br /> <br /> This meant that as long as Moses would keep his arms high and extended<br /> over to the Israelites in the battlefield just as our heavenly Father<br /> showed him over Mount Sinai=92s secret place where his blessed Son<br /> stands there faithfully through the years with his arms raised and<br /> extended over Israel, then they would defeat the Amalekites who where<br /> more-powerful indeed. Therefore, Joshua with the Israelite army was<br /> able to defeat the more powerful Amalekites, because it was our<br /> heavenly Father=92s daily celestial-sacrifice of His blessed Son=92s<br /> atoning-blood shed over Mount Sinai=92s summit extending his arms to the<br /> side to touch Israel then darkness became weak and the light stronger<br /> for Israel to have the upper hand over their enemies everywhere<br /> forever.<br /> <br /> Historically, this was a tremendous battle that took place at Rephidim<br /> and that Joshua could have very well been defeated and kill with the<br /> Israeli soldiers by the more powerful Amalekites, but because of our<br /> Lord Jesus Christ=92s arms extended faithfully over Mount Sinai from the<br /> creation of the world, then they were able to walkout victorious from<br /> the battlefield. After the battle was over, our heavenly Father said<br /> to the Israelites: everyone must remember what happened over the<br /> mountaintop and how Moses could not stand for hours with his arms<br /> extended to Israel, so they may defeat the Amalekites but, instead, he<br /> needed two men to help him, and these men were Aaron and Hur that<br /> stood by his sides.<br /> <br /> For Aaron had to have Moses seat by the rock over the mountaintop and<br /> hold his tired arm up extended over to Israel while Hur did the same<br /> with the other arm to extend it over to Israel too, so the ancient<br /> supreme celestial-sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ shedding his<br /> atoning-blood over the rock may grant Israel victory over the enemy.<br /> What Moses did by seating over the rock on the mountaintop with Aaron<br /> and Hur holding his arms high above his head and extended over to<br /> Israel, it was indeed what Moses saw over Mount Sinai=92s secret place<br /> where our Lord Jesus Christ was slain from the creation of the world<br /> later to take place over Jerusalem=92s holy hill.<br /> <br /> Because, within the Promised Land and over Jerusalem=92s holy hill our<br /> heavenly Father finally presented to Israel and to the world His<br /> glorious ancient celestial-sacrifice of His Chosen Lamb=92s atoning-<br /> blood shed from the creation of the world to create heaven and earth<br /> to fill with life everywhere, so men may live with God=92s angels in<br /> eternal peace into all eternity forever. And at Jerusalem=92s holy hill,<br /> Israel finally saw what Moses did over in one of Rephidim=92s hill as<br /> the battle between Joshua=92s forces and the powerful Amalekites engaged<br /> savagely to death, and this is that Moses seating over the rock with<br /> Aaron and Hur holding his arms each one to one side over Israel thus<br /> to induce divine power into them.<br /> <br /> And this is our Lord Jesus Christ seating initially over the rock<br /> nailed to Adam and Eve=92s crossed trees with one of his brothers also<br /> nailed to their individual crosses, and these Israelites condemned<br /> because of their crimes were faithful witnesses nonetheless to our<br /> Lord Jesus Christ=92s sacrificed life to destroy sin, curses, and the<br /> angel of death in hell forever. Because, written it is in the Law that<br /> by the witness of two or three in any testimony is acceptable within<br /> any court of law on earth and in heaven=97and never by the testimony of<br /> one person alone, so truth and justice may prevail always within every<br /> one=92s heart for the eternal glory of our heavenly Father=92s blessed<br /> name.<br /> <br /> These two witnesses saw our Lord Jesus Christ nailed to the cross and<br /> later die first before them, so his bones may not be broken,<br /> immediately after he gave his spirit then he descended to the world of<br /> the lost souls, hell, thus to preach his gospel of salvation with two<br /> witnesses that saw him die crucified over the Jerusalem=92s hill. These<br /> witnesses testified also in the world of the lost of souls of men how<br /> our Lord Jesus Christ was slain from the creation of the world later<br /> to manifest over Mount Sinai=92s summit to Moses, so he may receive<br /> power to liberate Israel from captivity, for Israel was going finally<br /> to raise him over Jerusalem=92s holy hill for everyone=92s salvation.<br /> <br /> Then, after preaching and teaching the wonderful words of salvation to<br /> the lost souls of men in hell, immediately our Lord Jesus Christ<br /> resurrected from the dead, defeating Satan and the angel of death by<br /> the power of testimony of his glorious life within Israel and the<br /> testimony of the two witnesses that had died with him over their<br /> respective crosses. For this is victory over lie, sin and death that<br /> started in paradise as Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit when<br /> they were to eat instead from the fruit of life, Godly-love was slain<br /> from the creation of the world that, in due time, died crucified for<br /> Israel to resurrect on the third day victoriously for everyone=92s<br /> eternal salvation.<br /> <br /> Therefore, our Lord Jesus Christ resurrected victoriously after<br /> defeating Satan=92s sin, lies, and the angel of death, so he may preach<br /> and teach his ancient gospel of salvation to the nations, but this<br /> time by the word of mount of the apostles and the disciples, so people<br /> may know everywhere that they have power to live everlastingly into<br /> eternity. Now, even though the two witnesses that died next to him<br /> over Jerusalem=92s holy hill to descend to hell with him also<br /> resurrected on the third day, but our Lord did not allow them to<br /> manifest themselves as witnesses to Israel, because he is the only one<br /> that is glorified and exalted to be by Israel before our heavenly<br /> Father forever.<br /> <br /> Because, if the two witnesses were allowed by our heavenly Father to<br /> manifest to Israel with our Lord Jesus Christ, then the Israelites and<br /> the nations would have directed their personal faiths to them instead<br /> of to our Lord Jesus Christ who not only was born without sin from<br /> David=92s virgin wound but also fulfilled and glorified the Ten<br /> Commandments forever. That is to say, also that for any one to glorify<br /> forever the Holy Spirit of the commandments then he had to start<br /> working for it even before the creation of the world, because it takes<br /> that much power and holiness to fulfill and glorify the commandments<br /> on earth and in heaven, and Jesus Christ did it for us for eternity.<br /> <br /> Truthfully, this is the Holy Spirit of the commandments that could<br /> have never been fulfilled properly to our heavenly Father=92s<br /> satisfaction by any mortal on earth thus to destroy sin, curses, and<br /> finally death, however, our Rebbe Yeshua HaMoshiach was able to do all<br /> these by living a holy life moreover gave us the glorified body to<br /> return to heaven today. This means that in our Lord Jesus Christ we do<br /> not only have the fulfillment of the Holy Spirit of the commandments<br /> but also receive from him the sacred-flesh, unbroken-bones, and<br /> atoning-blood filled with eternal life that have pleased our heavenly<br /> Father=92s love, truth and justice so we may reenter paradise sinless<br /> and gloriously saved forever into all eternity.<br /> <br /> For this sacred-flesh, unbroken-bones and atoning-blood filled with<br /> eternal life, did not only die crucified over Adam and Eve=92s crossed<br /> trees over Jerusalem=92s holy hill for each one of us on earth but also<br /> descended to the world of the lost souls to resurrect on the third day<br /> by defeating forever sin, curses, Satan and the angel of death.<br /> Meaning also that this glorious body that each one has in Jesus Christ<br /> just as we have it today with Adam and Eve, for example, we will<br /> receive it miraculously as we believe with our hearts for justice to<br /> confess with our lips for salvation his blessed name that has overcome<br /> the world, sin, and hell to return to paradise today.<br /> <br /> Moreover, this means also to return to our heavenly Father=92s arms from<br /> where we became living beings in His image to live according to His<br /> likeness forever on earth and in heaven as well, given that we have<br /> come out from our heavenly Father to inhabit the high heavens where<br /> the New Jerusalem exists gloriously and blissfully forever into<br /> eternity. For our bodies that we have received from Adam as we were<br /> born on earth, eventually will return to the hole of the ground from<br /> where our heavenly Father took them to create the first man, Adam, but<br /> we do not have to descend to the grave with it, instead ascend to<br /> paradise dressed in Jesus Christ=92s resurrected body for eternity.<br /> <br /> Our sinful bodies have been glorified already by our Lord Jesus<br /> Christ, because he was not only born from David=92s virgin daughter thus<br /> to grant us eternal salvation dressed with a sacred-flesh, unbroken-<br /> bones and atoning-blood but also paid for our sins when he never<br /> committed sin nailed to the cross to descend condemned to hell to<br /> resurrect on the third day. Meaning also that with our Lord Jesus<br /> Christ we have already been born again from the virgin or sinless<br /> womb, fulfilled with the Holy Spirit of the commandments, died cursed<br /> to descend to hell, and resurrected on the third day thus to reenter<br /> paradise dressed with a glorious body that will never die thus to love<br /> and serve our heavenly Father everlastingly.<br /> <br /> Therefore, in our Rebbe Yeshua HaMoshiach our heavenly Father has<br /> blessed each one of us, beginning with Adam and Eve from paradise, in<br /> the high heavens where the New Jerusalem exists gloriously dominat so<br /> we may reenter eternal life today if we can believe with our heart for<br /> justice to confess with our lips for salvation His Son=92s name. Meaning<br /> also that each one of the ancient blessings filled with miracles,<br /> wonders and great signs belong to us today, so every step that we may<br /> make on earth, indeed it is saturated with supernatural blessings from<br /> the creation of the world, manifested over Mount Sinai, and finally<br /> over Jerusalem=92s holy hill thus to live a glorious life fill with<br /> power.<br /> <br /> Blessed we are indeed, from the creation of the world, over Mount<br /> Sinai=92s summit, and finally over Jerusalem=92s holy hill, because of all<br /> the great work that I could not do, nevertheless, our Rebbe Yeshua<br /> HaMoshiach did gloriously for each one of us over the years, so we may<br /> live magnificent days these days and forever into eternity as well.<br /> Our Lord Jesus Christ has made us God=92s children for today, so we may<br /> live as Gods and priests faithfully doing His perfect will to love,<br /> honor, and exalt His ancient sacrifice of His Son=92s atoning-blood over<br /> the rock from the creation of the world, over Mount Sinai=92s summit,<br /> and over Jerusalem=92s holy hill thus to live saved and blessed always.<br /> <br /> In heaven, as in the place we first saw the light of life from our<br /> heavenly Father, our Lord Jesus Christ continuous celestial-sacrifice,<br /> continues to be our fruit of life that extends his arms towards us, so<br /> his hands may caress our hearts, minds, living-souls, body and human<br /> spirit, so we may come alive from darkness to his living light<br /> forever. Moreover, our Lord Jesus Christ does these things from heaven<br /> because his arms are up, so we may acknowledge him within our lives as<br /> our continuous ancient celestial-sacrifice of the atoning-blood from<br /> the creation of the world, so he may impart blessings from Mount<br /> Sinai=92s secret place, and Jerusalem=92s holy hill thus for us to live<br /> miraculous days today and into eternity. Amen!<br /> <br /> Culture and peace for every one today and always!<br /> <br /> Cordially yours,<br /> <br /> The Bible says there EXIST only one way to heaven!<br /> <br /> JESUS said, &quot;I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes unto<br /> the heavenly<br /> Father, but by me&quot; John, 14:6<br /> <br /> Nobody else can save you. Trust JESUS today!<br /> <br /> That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the L-rd Yeshua, and shalt<br /> believe<br /> within your heart that GOD hath raised him from the dead, then thou<br /> shalt be saved.&quot;<br /> Romans 10: 9<br /> <br /> You must do the Following:<br /> <br /> Put your faith to work and pray right now in your heart and soul.<br /> Admit you are a sinner. See Romans 3:10<br /> <br /> Be willing to turn from sin (repent) See Acts 17:30<br /> <br /> Believe that JESUS died for you, was buried and rose from the dead.<br /> See Romans<br /> 10-: 9-10<br /> <br /> Through prayer, invite JESUS into your life to become your personal<br /> Savior. See<br /> Romans 10:13<br /> <br /> What to pray? Or what to say to the HEAVENLY FATHER in the NAME of<br /> JESUS CHRIST in Prayer...?<br /> <br /> Do the following and ASK HIM to GIVE YOU, RIGHT NOW, the POWER of the<br /> HOLY SPIRIT (GIFTS of the SPIRIT THAT ARE FREE FOR YOU TO RECEIVE<br /> according to the SCRIPTURES as YOU TURNED AWAY FROM YOUR SINS AND<br /> ACCEPTED JESUS CHRIST TO CLEANSE YOU WITH HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD THE SINS<br /> of YOUR SOUL and LIFE) and HE will listen to you AND DO IT:<br /> <br /> That if you confess with your mouth, &quot;Jesus is Lord,&quot; and believe in<br /> your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.<br /> <br /> For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it<br /> is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. As the Scripture<br /> says, &quot;Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame.&quot; For there<br /> is no difference between Jew and Gentile, rich or poor, small or<br /> great, wise or not-- just the same, the Lord is Lord of all and richly<br /> blesses them who call on him, for, &quot;Everyone who calls on the name of<br /> the Lord will be saved.&quot; Romans 10:9-13<br /> <br /> Dear GOD, I am a sinner and in need of forgiveness. I believe that the<br /> L-rd JESUS<br /> shed His PRECIOUS BLOOD and died for my sin. I am willing to turn from<br /> sin. I<br /> now invite JESUS to come into my heart and life as my personal Savior.<br /> <br /> If you said the above PRAYER, then YOU ACCEPTED Jesus Christ as your<br /> ONLY WAY<br /> to HEAVEN and your PERSONAL SAVIOR FOR ETERNITY?<br /> <br /> Did you receive Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior TODAY?<br /> <br /> YES _____? or, NO ______?<br /> <br /> Date____/____/___ YES ______? or, NO ______?<br /> <br /> If you trusted JESUS as your Savior, you have just begun a wonderful<br /> new life with Him. Now:<br /> <br /> Read your Bible every day to get to know JESUS CHRIST better. Talk to<br /> GOD in prayer in the NAME of JESUS CHRIST everyday. Be baptized in<br /> water submersion and in the power of the Holy Spirit of God, worship,<br /> fellowship, and serve with other Messianic Jews and gentile believers<br /> as well in a Temple where JESUS is preached and the Bible is the final<br /> authority.<br /> <br /> Tell others about JESUS.<br /> <br /> Now, a reminder, do not forget to pray for me; please include me in<br /> your prayers for me and my love ones, for your prayers are very<br /> important in heaven. You do not have any idea how important your<br /> prayers are in Heaven; Jesus suffered, anguished, prayed, cried, shed<br /> His Precious Blood and Died on the Cross of Golgotha for your prayers<br /> to be heard in Heaven in the Holy of Holiest. That is CORRECT. The<br /> Holy Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and all the Holy Angels<br /> hear your prayers in Heaven in the Holy of Holiest too. I most add<br /> that THERE is a GREAT FESTIVITY with GOD and all the HOLY ANGELS in<br /> HEAVEN when you do the SINNERS PRAYER and SPEAK to GOD in the NAME of<br /> HIS WONDERFUL King Messiah and HOLY SON, JESUS CHRIST. Thank you.<br /> <br /> <br /> http://www.supercadenacristiana.com/radio/<br /> <br /> <br /> http://www.faithcomesbyhearing.com/ambassador/free-audio-bible-download<br /> <br /> <br /> http://radioalerta.com

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