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Titolo: ebook
Newsgroup: free.it.citta.catania, free.it.citta.roma, free.it.citta.siracusa, free.it.economia.borsa, free.it.lavoro, free.it.lavoro.offerte, free.it.telelavoro
Data: 06/12/2007
Ora: 14:55:56
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  Truly I say it sincerely not I believed us I was much skeptic for this job<br /> on linens well, if I say that they are enriched to me, I say of the false<br /> one, perche' working does not become rich nobody, but gain sufficient to in<br /> order to integrate your wage, e' to even pass a Sunday outside with your<br /> family, this you you can allow, since today the State does not allow neanche<br /> the free time you, perche' to the moment you fa' to pay also the air that<br /> breaths. I do not want myself to be disclosed piu' a lot, I invite to you to<br /> visit this situated one and to choose what fa' for you, it has attention, in<br /> bottom to the situated page are the swindle you read carefully, hello and<br /> thanks for your attention well: http://www.beepworld.it/members98/salvototo/<br />  

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