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Titolo: Re: Domanda
Newsgroup: free.it.sport.snowboard
Data: 14/01/2013
Ora: 17:17:01
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  <br /> Fabio Portesan owes me 250 eu for the translation of Beyound Invisible Book=<br /> in english=20<br /> <br /> l performed a translation for Fabio Portesan 11 months ago We agreed to tra=<br /> nslate like 60 000 words in total for 500 euro. Quite cheap yes, even for r=<br /> etyping one is paid with 0.01eu per word.=20<br /> <br /> Book name is Oltre l'Invisibile&quot; Human Balance Art of Ezio Giunchiglia =<br /> =20<br /> <br /> He dissappeared immediately after Book delivery. After many requests, month=<br /> s after he paid me half of the sum 250 euro. He said that there were mistak=<br /> es in text. But why he didnt say it immediately or after some days if so. H=<br /> e simply disappeared.=20<br /> <br /> We agreed he would send revised text once finished but he never did it. l r=<br /> equested many times the revised text. He said many contradictory things in =<br /> mails=20<br /> <br /> The book was an italian translation of different english books on the topic=<br /> .. As l have lots of information on the topic and know the books l tried to =<br /> make him reason that no place for mistakes bcs to much quotes for books l h=<br /> ave in my library.=20<br /> <br /> His behaviour led me to the opinion that he put in his pocket the money Mr =<br /> Ezio gave. He was very affraid when l mentioned l would contact Mr Ezio Pe=<br /> rsonally.=20<br /> <br /> <br /> In the other hand he threatened me saying that l had no right to claim anyt=<br /> hing as we didnt had a written contract=20<br /> <br /> l only want to get paid for my work=20<br /> <br /> <br /> This doesnt honor Fabio Sauro Portesan and ideals he aspires for=20<br /> <br /> A man of honor keeps his word, written or non written agreement. And does n=<br /> ot hide behind his finger<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Il giorno luned=EC 14 ottobre 2002 23:00:03 UTC+2, Fabio ha scritto:<br /> &gt; ola a tutti. volevo sottoporvi una cosa che sto scrivendo. =E8 incompleto=<br /> ma<br /> &gt; il succo =E8 quello che leggerete. Questo pezzo sarebbe una mia nota<br /> &gt; autobiografica che andr=E0 su di un'enciclopedia, e sarei contento se mi =<br /> deste<br /> &gt; un parere (se avete voglia di leggere ovvio;o[). Don't worry, lo snowboar=<br /> d =E8<br /> &gt; sempre presente! Se vi va ve lo sparo in anteprima... ditemi voi<br />  

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