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Titolo: Nice work if you can get it
Newsgroup: it.comp.retrocomputing
Data: 11/09/2017
Ora: 09:34:34
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  https://www.computerworld.com/article/3223131/it-industry/nice-work-if-you-=<br /> can-get-it.html<br /> <br /> riporto integralmente:<br /> <br /> It's the 1990s, and this extremely busy U.S. airport is adding a new concou=<br /> rse -- which means it's also time to upgrade the computers behind the train=<br /> s that move passengers between terminals, says a pilot fish on the project.<br /> <br /> &quot;Each concourse has several door sets to match the number of doors on the t=<br /> rain,&quot; fish says. &quot;As the train pulls into the station, it must align itsel=<br /> f with an antenna on the guideway so that the train's doors and the station=<br /> doors line up perfectly. Then the station and vehicle doors can open toget=<br /> her.&quot;<br /> <br /> But it's definitely time for an upgrade. When the trains originally started=<br /> operation in the 1980s, the door controllers were actually run by cheap ho=<br /> me computers. A Commodore VIC-20, running a program written in Basic, opene=<br /> d and closed each door set.<br /> <br /> And the fact that the two dozen VIC-20s are a decade old and no longer bein=<br /> g made isn't the biggest issue with the setup. It seems the now-retired eng=<br /> ineer who originally wrote the door-opening software for the VIC-20s is sti=<br /> ll collecting a fee to maintain it.<br /> <br /> Twice a year he returns to fish's company, tweaks the software a little, lo=<br /> ads the new software onto each of the VIC-20s, one at a time, and then send=<br /> s the company his hefty bill.<br /> <br /> The new concourse finally provides an excuse to improve that situation. It =<br /> takes a single-board 486DX PC with a network connection, plus two weeks to =<br /> write new controller software from scratch in C++ and test it against the c=<br /> ompany's simulation software, and the upgrade is ready to go.<br /> <br /> &quot;The field engineers removed all the 20-plus VIC-20s, installed the one 486=<br /> in a cradle and hooked it up to the network,&quot; says fish.<br /> <br /> &quot;And it worked flawlessly. That was more than two decades ago. As far as I =<br /> know, it's still in place today.&quot;<br /> <br /> CYA  

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da leggere zfkirone@gmail.com 11/09 09:34
Nice work if you can get it
   da leggere Daniele Gratteri 12/09 20:44
Re: Nice work if you can get it

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