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Titolo: Delete/Copy Path Too Long Files
Newsgroup: it-alt.tlc.cellulari.nokia.n-gage
Data: 30/03/2011
Ora: 10:13:14
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  http://LongPathTool.com - Delete/Copy Path Too Long Files<br /> <br /> Quite often after you have completed your work on the computer, you<br /> will try to delete useless folders and files to free up the space on<br /> your system but you are unable to do so. Whilst deleting these data<br /> you may have encounter error message such as cannot delete file,<br /> corrupted file or path is too long. These annoying errors can be<br /> resolved effectively with long path tool.<br /> Windows tool to delete or copy folders and files with filename too<br /> long or path too long error. All you have to is browse for the file<br /> and then press the button to delete or copy it. This application<br /> resolves the problem with the inability to delete and copy folders and<br /> files with long paths in Internet explorer. These might be created by<br /> adware, virus, Mac OS and other software. Ordinarily, one cannot<br /> access these kinds of files in Windows and as a result cannot delete<br /> or copy them either. Cleanup files.<br /> This application supports easy removal of undesirable files and<br /> folders. It is able to delete files with path which contains well over<br /> 260 characters in addition to files with dots in the name or trailing<br /> spaces. The utility will not require any installation and can launch<br /> directly from the setup.<br /> These are some of the other error messages that you could encounter<br /> while using Windows:<br /> Cannot delete file - Access denied<br /> The destination or source file might be in use<br /> There's been a sharing violation<br /> The file is being used by another user or program<br /> Cannot delete folder or file. The file name specified is too long or<br /> not valid.<br /> Error Deleting folder or file<br /> <br /> http://LongPathTool.com  

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