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Titolo: Omaha Police Rape Teenager, Attempt To Rape And Kill Five Year Old, Poison Twelve Year Old Officer's Son
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Data: 06/11/2009
Ora: 14:51:38
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  Dateline 1970, Omaha, Nebraska, United States<br /> <br /> In the biggest and ugliest police scandal in the history of Nebraska, two<br /> children were sexually assaulted by two Omaha Police Division Officers, one<br /> drugged and overdosed and left for dead, and another child also poisoned<br /> with the most powerful and addictive narcotic known to man.<br /> <br /> Thirty or so years later, the two rapist police officers, who became<br /> enforcers for the heroin trade throughout their entire police careers,<br /> attempt to silence the five year old they failed to kill in 1970.<br /> <br /> Five year old Trent (TJ) Stewart had just begun his formal education at Our<br /> Lady of Lourdes Catholic Grade School in Omaha, Nebraska.<br /> <br /> While in the Kindergarden class at Our Lady of Lourdes, little TJ Stewart<br /> met and befriended Raymond Krause who lived but five doors North of the<br /> Stewart home in Omaha, Nebraska.<br /> <br /> One evening, little TJ was asked by his mother, Marlne Stewart, to visit the<br /> home of little Ray Krause for some unknown reason.<br /> <br /> The little boy did as he was told, and walked the short distance to 3021 S<br /> 32 St.<br /> <br /> He was welcomed into the home by Eleanor Krause. Two men he did not know<br /> were directly inside. Neither was George Krause, the WWII US Army veteran<br /> and former Military Police officer.<br /> <br /> Once inside, Eleanor Krause produced a mirror or plate with several lines of<br /> white powder on it. The very kind and motherly woman instructed little TJ to<br /> &quot;snort&quot; the two lines of white powder.<br /> <br /> Little TJ didn't know what the word snort meant so Krause instructed him to<br /> &quot;sniffle&quot; the white powder and instructed him how to do so.<br /> <br /> The child did as the mother of his new friend was told.<br /> <br /> When finished, TJ Stewart was instructed to sit on a bench in front of the<br /> Krause television set and watch what would soon be shown to him.<br /> <br /> The video was in black and white. It showed hundreds of happy people, men,<br /> women and children, waving at Nazi soldiers as they marched through the<br /> streets of Germany.<br /> <br /> The video also showed many clips of Adolf Hitler, rallying the civilians<br /> with his every word.<br /> <br /> The video also would break into clips of Nazi tanks blasting through brick<br /> walls and scenes from the Nazi Blitz on Europe in WWII.<br /> <br /> When the video ended, litte TJ was told to stand in the room and wait. The<br /> two men, years later identified as Omaha Police Division officers off duty,<br /> stood by silent, watching, as if supervising the scene. Once the heroin was<br /> forced into the chld, the &quot;scene&quot; became a felony crime.<br /> <br /> The only other person present at the time was fifteen year old Paul Krause,<br /> the oldest son of Eleanor and George Krause. He was giggling and acting<br /> almost like he was having fun while hiding in the shadows of the room.<br /> <br /> Eleanor Krause came to America following Germany's surrender in WWII. She<br /> met and married her husband, George Krause, also a proud full blooded German<br /> but who was an American citizen, while he was stationed as a US Army MP in<br /> Germany.<br /> <br /> Nazi SS Officer, Captain Philip Zync, was Eleanor's father and when Eleanor<br /> Krause relocated to the United States with her new husband, her mother and<br /> father came with them. They also lived in the same neighborhood as the<br /> Stewarts and Krauses.<br /> <br /> As he stood in the room where instructed by Eleanor Krause, Eleanor Krause<br /> answered her back door and another child entered the room. This child was<br /> Dave Friend, the son of Joe Friend, an officer in the Omaha Police Division.<br /> <br /> Dave Friend was twelve years old at the time.<br /> <br /> Friend was instructed to stand next to Stewart where he was also told to<br /> snort lines of white powder produced by Eleanor Krause.<br /> <br /> But Friend refused. Little TJ had never seen a child who disobeyed the order<br /> of an adult before and was amazed with Friend.<br /> <br /> Eleanor Krause grew angry at the boy's refusal and continued to demand he<br /> snort the white lines she held in front of him.<br /> <br /> Little TJ, scared by the angy woman, told Friend to do it because it was no<br /> big deal. The five year old had no idea what drugs were or what was<br /> happening around him.<br /> <br /> Finally, frustrated, Eleanor Krause solicited help from the two men in the<br /> room and one of them approached the two children in a threatening enough<br /> manner that Dave Friend began to cry.<br /> <br /> Dave Friend then did as he was told, sort of. The boy snorted a fraction of<br /> the powder placed in front of him then scattered the rest.<br /> <br /> Once done, Eleanor Krause instructed Friend to leave the residence and he<br /> fled out the back door to what is believed to be his father's waiting car as<br /> quickly as he entered.<br /> <br /> The stilll angry Eleanor Krause straightened the heroin Friend did not<br /> consume, which was most of it, into lines once again and orderd TJ Stewart<br /> to again snort the drug. He complied.<br /> <br /> By now little TJ was scared. He was wobbling on his own feet, sweating<br /> profusely, dizzy, and having trouble standing still.<br /> <br /> He asked Eleanor Krause not to be upset with him because he did what he was<br /> told and asked if he could go home.<br /> <br /> Rather than be allowed to leave the Krause residence, the boy was confronted<br /> by one of the two men in the room.<br /> <br /> TJ was nearly in a trance by now under the influence of the narcotics he was<br /> forced to consume, and had trouble even focusing his eyes.<br /> <br /> When he finally did focus on what was now in front of him, it was Paul<br /> Krause being raped by one of the two men in the room.<br /> <br /> The boy closed his eyes and gasped in fear.<br /> <br /> When he opened them again, the rapist no longer had his penis in Krause's<br /> mouth. It was now directly in the little boy's face.<br /> <br /> He began to cry and again closed he eyes and clenched his teeth as he stood<br /> in front of the rapist.<br /> <br /> Nearly unconsious, he opened his eyes again to find the whole scene had<br /> again changed.<br /> <br /> The rapist, was now looking down on him smiling.<br /> <br /> Just then the other man in the room had squatted down and was staring at the<br /> boy with the eyes of a killer. Stewart turned to see this man with his face<br /> inches from the little boys and yelled in terror and began to cry once<br /> again.<br /> <br /> Then, Eleanor Krause, the Nazi from Germany, took control of the room and<br /> told little TJ he could leave, escorting him the few feet to the front door.<br /> <br /> Paul Krause, who was back in the shadows of the room once again, began to<br /> cry when he realized the little boy was leaving and he would be the only<br /> child left in the room of monsters.<br /> <br /> Hearing this, the five year old suddenly stopped in his tracks before<br /> reaching the front door and asked the mother, &quot;what about that kid&quot;,<br /> referring to Paul Krause and his not leaving the room as well.<br /> <br /> No answer was given and the child was escorted to the door and onto the<br /> porch.<br /> <br /> TJ Stewart could barely walk. His legs wouldn't function like he wanted them<br /> to. The fresh air was a blessing and he managed to slowly walk down the<br /> porch steps of the Krause home. He wanted to run, but physically could<br /> barely walk.<br /> <br /> The little boy was less and less terified as he left the home and at one<br /> point turned to see if what he just saw was just a bad dream.<br /> <br /> When he turned to look back at the front door of the Krause home, there was<br /> Eleanor Krause along with one of the two rapists, standing in the doorway<br /> waving the boy goodbye for all to see like Ward and June Cleaver from the<br /> &quot;Leave It To Beaver&quot; family show.<br /> <br /> Little TJ tried to wave back, but instead gave the Nazi salute he had seen<br /> so many times while being brainwashed just minutes before.<br /> <br /> Eleanor Krause cringed when she saw this Nazi salute and the male standing<br /> next to her laughed with pleasure.<br /> <br /> Less than a fifty meter from the Krause home as he tried to make it back<br /> home, the effects of being given too much heroin began to take effect on<br /> five year old TJ Stewart.<br /> <br /> He began vomitting uncontrollably, staggering, collapsed to his knees,<br /> prayed to Jesus whom he was told loved him, and died.<br /> <br /> His body was left on a city sidewalk in a neighborhood full of Middle Class<br /> families all with children his own age who were his neighbors.<br /> <br /> It was still daylight.<br /> <br /> Sometime later, the boy regained consciousness. It was dark, he could barely<br /> move. H couldn't walk, talk, could barely think. He didn't know where he was<br /> or recognize anything. And he was still all alone.<br /> <br /> He began to crawl in the same direction he was walking when he collapsed,<br /> though he didn't know where he was or where he was going.<br /> <br /> He began to get healthier as he moved and soon managed to stand on his own<br /> feet. He became less and less disoriented and eventually recognized his<br /> parent's home. He entered the home and crawled into his own bed.<br /> <br /> It was over.<br /> <br /> NOT HARDLY<br /> <br /> The Nazis tried to frame TJ Stewart's father for the crimes when Harold John<br /> &quot;Hal&quot; Daub of the Republican Party duplicated the crimes, again to little TJ<br /> Stewart, two years later.<br /> <br /> Fearing she would be discovered, Eleanor Krause accused Jim Stewart of being<br /> a heroin dealer.<br /> <br /> TJ Stewart's mother, Marlene, was continuely blackmailed, bullied, and<br /> harassed by Eleanor Krause who had to maintain control over the Stewart<br /> family to prevent her being discovered as both a Nazi in a predominantly<br /> Polish neighborhood and monster.<br /> <br /> This incident was NEVER reported to police.<br /> <br /> Two years later, Joe Friend, now an Omaha Police officer coming up in the<br /> ranks at OPD, was the man who took the report of the attempted rape of<br /> Marlene Stewart and the drug poisoning and torture of her then seven year<br /> old son, TJ Stewart which Daub committed in their own home.<br /> <br /> <br /> It was Joe Friend, fearing his own involvement in the Krause Nazi's episode<br /> in 1970, would cost him his job, chose to classify the rape complaints being<br /> filed against Hal Daub as an attempt by &quot;Hells Angels&quot; to discredit law<br /> abiding citizens like Hal Daub.<br /> <br /> The Stewart's were not &quot;Hells Angels&quot; nor were the Gruidels or Mays whom<br /> Daub also raped.<br /> <br /> Joe Friend continued to move up in the ranks of the Omaha Police Division.<br /> <br /> By the time he reached the rank of Deputy Chief, his son, Dave, was now a<br /> Captain in the same department and they had up to ten family members who<br /> were officers of the Omaha Police Division as well.<br /> <br /> It was the Friend family who continued to keep the rapes committed by Hal<br /> Daub and their fellow officers secret as well as all their connections to<br /> the heroin trade.<br /> <br /> Preventing and preying upon their former victims, including both Trent (TJ)<br /> Stewart and Dr. Paul Krause became a family tradition and OPD pastime.<br /> <br /> The Omaha Police Divison was used as the means by which to discredit the<br /> victims of the crimes committed by police officers and Hal Daub, who became<br /> a US Congressman and member of the Bush Administration.<br /> <br /> But the tables turned on them all when Trent Stewart had the courage to<br /> report what happened to him as a child when he recalled them after decades<br /> of alcoholism.<br /> <br /> Stewart got sober in 1995 and remains so to this day. He recalled his being<br /> assaulted in the early 1990s and reported it to the United States<br /> government. But nothing was ever done about it, because no public outrcy was<br /> ever made over the men elected and/or placed in positions of authority and<br /> trust in Omaha, Nebraska, and Washington, DC, who are predators who should<br /> never be trusted.<br /> <br /> Stewart continues to request the USDOJ investigate his allegations. His<br /> mother died in 2001, but the other victims of Hal Daub and the Omaha Police<br /> Division remain alive as well as the predators.<br /> <br /> A Civil Rights Complaint was filed with the USDOJ Inspector General's Office<br /> in June of this year demanding an investigation into what is being called,<br /> &quot;Daubergate Rape&quot; and includes both heroin trafficking and rape committed by<br /> Daub and current/former Omaha Police Division officers and the conpiracy to<br /> cover it all up.<br /> <br /> Joe Friend retired from the Omaha Police Division in 2000. He died in 2004.<br /> <br /> Dave Friend retired from the Omaha Police Division in 2004. He currently is<br /> on the Metropolitan Utilies District Board of Directors and is also the<br /> director of security for Omaha's Metropolitan Technical Community College.<br /> <br /> The two rapists who were later identified as Omaha Police Division officers<br /> were still in uniform as late at 2000.<br /> <br /> Eleanor Krause continues to live comfortably in the same residence where the<br /> assaults occurred. Her husband, George Krause, passed away decades ago from<br /> the stress of what he discovered his wife had done to his own son and<br /> others.<br /> <br /> Dr. Paul Krause is an Omaha dentist.<br /> <br /> Look for &quot;Daubergate Rape&quot; for more information on the details of the rapes<br /> committed by Hal Daub and the Omaha Police Division.<br /> <br /> In 2000, while being monitored and spied upon by his neighbors Sam and<br /> Cheryl Sacco and blackmailed by his next door neighbors, Omaha Fire<br /> Division's John McDonnell, brother to Chief Mike McDonnell, the unconscious<br /> body of little Tony Sacco, the son and youngest child of Sam and Cheryl, was<br /> brought home by his father.<br /> <br /> It appears the Nazis in Omaha are again brainwashing, poisong, and torturing<br /> children in Omaha. This time, with their parent's help.<br /> <br /> Sam Sacco and his wife were reported to police in the fall of 2000<br /> immediately after the lifeless body of their only son was paraded in the<br /> neighborhood by the Saccos who couldn't me proud they harmed their only son.<br /> <br /> Sgt. Dan Cisar of the Omaha Police Division never responded to the emailed<br /> report.<br /> <br /> MORE TO COME<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />  

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