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Titolo: Aswan city sightseeing, over day trips, overnight tours, city break, private & group daily excursions
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Data: 25/06/2010
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  Explore Aswan Browsing our Aswan tours for a range of exciting<br /> sightseeing trips and excursions. We offer everything from a simple<br /> guided private &amp; group tours to Aswan attractions &amp; must-see<br /> monuments, visit Kalabsha Temple, Elephantine Island, Soheil Island,<br /> High Dam, Aswan Botanic Gardens, Nubia Museum, St Simeon's Monastery,<br /> Philae Temple, Abu Simbel temples. Enjoy day trips to Edfu, Kom Ombo &amp;<br /> more.<br /> Abu Simbel day trip by plane<br /> Fast track your journey and take the quick route to see the<br /> magnificent temples of Abu Simbel with Fly2egy.com on an air tour from<br /> Aswan. With a qualified Egyptologist, visit the temple of Ramses II<br /> and his favorite wife Nefertari, Dailt tour departs from Aswan hotels<br /> or Port area.<br /> Abu Simbel day trip by bus<br /> Abu Simbel day trip by bus from Aswan, See the magnificent temples of<br /> Abu Simbel on a minibus tour from Aswan.With fly2egy.com qualified<br /> Egyptologist as your guide, you=92ll enjoy a personalized visit to<br /> Temple of Ramses II &amp;the smaller Temple of Hathor, Tour departs from<br /> Aswan hotels or Port area.<br /> Tour to Philae Temple, Aswan High Dam And Unfinished Opelisk<br /> Tour to Philae Temple, Aswan High Dam and Unfinished Obelisk, With<br /> Fly2egy.com Take a tour to explore three of Aswan most popular and<br /> well known sites. Walk on the High Dam which separates Lake Nasser<br /> from the Nile, be astounded at the size of the Unfinished Obelisk,<br /> enjoy the beauty of Philae Temple's island location. Tour Departs<br /> daily from your Aswan...<br /> Philae Temple Sound &amp; Light Show<br /> Philae Temple Sound &amp;Light Show night trip, attending the Sound &amp;<br /> Light Show is a magical experience. Enjoy the spectacular lights of<br /> the multimedia presentations, walk through the dramatically lit temple<br /> as its history is narrated With your own private transportation on<br /> this tour, you will travel daily directly between your hotel or cruise<br /> ship...<br /> Aswan Botanic Gardens<br /> Aswan Botanic Gardens day trip, Sail daily on a felucca to the Botanic<br /> Gardens on Kitchener Island with the company of Fly2egy.com qualified<br /> Egyptologist guide, you will see Agha Khan Mausoleum,the Tombs of the<br /> Nobles, Visit the small botanical museu and more.<br /> St Simeon's Monastery<br /> Today you will Join a camel ride to the southern tip of Elephantine<br /> Island where you will find St Simeon's Monastery, an ancient,<br /> abandoned fortress monastery mostly built ...<br /> Visit The High Dam and Unfinished Obelisk<br /> Pay a visit to The High Dam and Unfinished Obelisk, Depart your Aswan<br /> hotel or cruise ship and travel to the High Dam of Aswan, rom the top<br /> of the High Dam you can gaze across Lake Nasser,Kalabsha temple in the<br /> south and the huge power station to the north, the Unfinished Obelisk,<br /> This is a private tour runs daily.<br /> <br /> Tour to Soheil Island<br /> Tour to Soheil Island, To learn about the Nubians you must spend time<br /> with them. This private tour to Soheil Island lets you meet and spend<br /> time with Nubian people in their village, visit a Nubian house and<br /> spend time with the Nubian people, learning about their history,<br /> culture and life style, you will sail by either felucca or motorised<br /> boat.<br /> Elephantine Island day trip<br /> Elephantine Island day trip from Aswan, With artifacts which date back<br /> to the predynastic periods, Elephantine Island is one of the most<br /> ancient sites in Egypt. Spend few hours with Fly2egy.com exploring<br /> the largest island of the region, travel will be by motorboat or<br /> felucca.<br /> Visit Kalabsha Temple on Lake Nasser<br /> A Visit to Kalabsha Temple on Lake Nasser, On the banks of Lake Nasser<br /> lies Kalabsha Temple which is dedicated to the Egyptian god Horus and<br /> the Nubian god Mandulis, Your private tour with Fly2egy.com from Aswan<br /> includes a qualified Egyptologist guide, entrance fees and<br /> transportation from your Aswan hotel or port area.<br /> Cairo sightseeing tour by plane<br /> Enjoy Cairo attractions, highlights and its mus see sites with<br /> Fly2egy.com a sightseeing tour to Cairo in a private day trip from<br /> Aswan by flight, discover The Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and<br /> Mykerinus. Then proceed to visit the Great Sphinx,the Egyptian Museum,<br /> Christian &amp; Jewish heritage through the Hanging Church and Ben Ezra<br /> Synagogue. Shopping...<br /> Luxor East &amp; West Banks private day trip from aswan<br /> Private day trip to discover the highlights of both east and west<br /> banks Luxor (Thebes) from Aswan, it is a private one day trip with a<br /> private qualified Egyptologist tour guide , A/c modern van,<br /> sightseeing entrance fees and lunch are included to visit valley of<br /> kings, luxor temple, Karnak temples and much more for your pleasure.<br /> Edu &amp; Kom Ombo private day trip<br /> Enjoy a day tour to Edfu by road from Aswan and maxmize your<br /> sightseeing while you are there, Take a horse carriage to visit the<br /> majestic temple dedicated to Horus, see to the Temple of Kom Ombo in a<br /> private day trip with yor Egyptologist tour guide.<br /> Cairo 2 days trip by flight from aswan<br /> Enjoy a private 2 days trip to Cairo from Aswan by flight, discover<br /> the highlights and must see sites in Cairo, visit Egyptian Museum,<br /> Cairo by night, Giza Pyramids, Sphinx,Sound &amp; light show, Old<br /> Cairo,Islamic sites, Saladdin citadel, Mohammed Ali mosque, Alabaster<br /> mosque, Khan ElKalili, Coptic Cairo, Bablyon fortress, hanging church,<br /> Ben Ezra...<br /> <br /> Cairo &amp; Alexandria 2 days by flight from aswan<br /> Maxmize your sightseeing in Egypt while you are in Aswan, flight<br /> tickets, car and guide, hotel in Cairo for your 2 days sightseeing<br /> tours between Cairo and Alexandria, the must see sites are Giza<br /> pyramids, Egyptian museum, Alexandria library, Catacombs, Quitbay<br /> citadel, shopping tours in both cites and much more..<br /> For more details visit http://www.fly2egy.com/tour-egypt/aswan-sightseeing-=<br /> tours-nile-cruises-travel-packages.php  

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