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Titolo: Amp up your sport performance by accurate nutrition
Newsgroup: it-alt.sport.paracadutismo
Data: 16/05/2015
Ora: 10:58:12
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From: no115808@invalid.com
Newsgroups: it-alt.sport.paracadutismo
Subject: Amp up your sport performance by accurate nutrition
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Intense sport requires more energy intake.<br /> Knowing what components go into your diet and you will better<br /> realise a healthy lifestyle. Most regular foods contain surprising<br /> beneficial elements.<br /> You are what you eat! So know what you eat and what your food gives you.<br /> For this you need Nuutti - nutrient calculation software which has<br /> information on over 12,000 foods.<br /> <br /> Nuutti is the leading food and nutrient calculation software.<br /> <br /> Free Nuutti -basic version includes:<br /> <br /> - Nutrient information on over 12,000 foods<br /> - Each food has about 100 datapoints on nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc., etc.<br /> - Explanations and web links on nutrient data.<br /> - Complete calculations for different foods, recipes ja combos.<br /> - Thorough and substantial calculation and search tools: program searches for the best compination to fill daily requirement for nutrients going through thousands of combination to find the most efficient set<br /> - A full set of &quot;best for&quot; and &quot;highest in&quot; -listings<br /> - Ideal if you want to know about calories, carbohydrates, etc., and to find the healthiest diet.<br /> - Easy to to use help-files ja tutorial videos are includes<br /> - Free to use - just download and use. No spyware or adware!<br /> - carb counting and weight-control tools<br /> - etc. etc.<br /> <br /> Download from:<br /> http://www.datamike.fi/nuutti/knute.htm<br /> <br /> See videos at youtube:<br /> Nuutti, Free calorie, nutrition, weight-loss, exercise calculation program <br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qKyJ2SG-lY<br /> Adding a food item to Nuutti<br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeKpHwq9PQ4<br /> Creating a recipe:<br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfYaAJLIhBY<br /> Deficiencies in diet<br /> http://youtu.be/5fFCafCdb_Y<br />

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