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Il Bowling in Italia

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Titolo: The "Am I Ready to Bowl?" Challenge
Newsgroup: it-alt.sport.bowling
Data: 06/05/2006
Ora: 19:19:13
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  1.Do you look for activities that challenge your mind and body?<br /> 2.Do you seek out experiences that push you to the limit?<br /> 3.Does the idea of having more fun than the other guy bring a smile to<br /> your face?<br /> 4.Are you always ready to learn something new?<br /> 5.Do you have good eye-hand coordination?<br /> 6.Are you always looking for that &quot;something more&quot; in your game?<br /> 7.Do you consider yourself competitive?<br /> 8.Do you enjoy games that require you use strategy as well as pure<br /> physicality?<br /> 9.Would you rather watch TV or get off the couch and have real<br /> experiences in the world?<br /> 10.Do you consider yourself to be adventurous?<br /> If you answered &quot;YES&quot; to any of those questions, you're ready to bowl.<br /> If you answered &quot;YES&quot; to between 1-3 questions, you probably are ready<br /> to start scoring strikes right now. However, if you answered &quot;YES&quot;<br /> to 4 or more of the questions above, you are definitely a pro bowler at<br /> heart!<br /> http://bowlingyebc.blogspot.com/<br />  

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