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Titolo: Factory pressed dvd movies, ps2, psp & xbox backups for sale !!!
Newsgroup: free.it.comp.speedychat, free.it.fan.stargatesg-1, free.it.giochi.playstation.cia, free.it.graal.templari.catari.renneslechateau, free.it.guadagnareonline
Data: 29/04/2006
Ora: 07:07:53
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  We're offering all the latest factory pressed high quality dvd movies,<br /> ps2, psp and xbox silvers with factory printed colour inserts at<br /> fantastic prices, whether for personal use or reselling. We're shipping<br /> worldwide with various shipping methods. For resellers, please contact<br /> us for bulk discounts.<br /> <br /> For a complete list and prices, please email us at<br /> movieworld@time.net.my<br /> <br /> (Please state the type of list that you want and tell us your location<br /> as the prices varies for different locations. If you're reseller,<br /> please state the quantity you wish to order per shipment and we'll<br /> quote you a wholesale price depending on the quantity ordered.)<br /> <br /> * If you need references, we can provide them to you.<br />  

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