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  Inviato da: Tom St Denis  Mostra tutti i messaggi di Tom St Denis
Titolo: Some good faith [LTC manuals]
Newsgroup: it-alt.fan.massimo-bubola
Data: 04/11/2006
Ora: 00:46:39
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  As a way to bury the hatchet and do something nice I'm offering a free<br /> printed copy of the LTC manual [signed] to the first 5 (to celebrate<br /> the # of years the project has been going) people to send me an email<br /> with a short snippet of their interest in the LT projects [will remain<br /> private if desired].<br /> <br /> For those who haven't been to my website, I'm offering printed copies<br /> of the LTC manual for sale as a way to fund some of the projects I do.<br /> The source of the manual will remain PUBLIC DOMAIN as part of the<br /> archive. The printing is mostly to provide nice printed manuals for<br /> those that work with the library and to raise funds. Since attending<br /> conferences [and providing stipends] and buying hardware costs money it<br /> would be nice if I wasn't fronting all of the costs. I also plan on<br /> bringing copies to the conferences I attend next year as freebies.<br /> <br /> I'm waiting on the first draft print [from lulu.com] to examine the<br /> quality of the process. I'm sure it's going to be fine (they're in<br /> business for a reason I imagine). At which point I will edit, refine<br /> and add to the manual for the first printing.<br /> <br /> If you're not up for buying it, no worries, the source and PDF will be<br /> part of the source archive that I give out for free. So I'm not<br /> dropping support for the projects [aka Redhat model].<br /> <br /> As a cheap plug, I've added [with help from Andreas Lange] PKCS #1 v1.5<br /> support back in, fixed a dozen or so other bugs [another minor GCM bug<br /> as well], and am in the middle of adding XCBC support right now [aka<br /> RFC 3566].<br /> <br /> Tom<br /> <br /> N.B. mm if you'd like a copy don't hestitate to ask.<br /> <br /> http://www.amazon.com/Cryptography-Developers-Tom-St-Denis/dp/1597491047  

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