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Titolo: The 6th Arab Conference (For administrative development in government institutions)
Newsgroup: it.cultura.fantascienza
Data: 29/10/2017
Ora: 13:31:38
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  Arab House for Administrative Development<br /> In cooperation with<br /> International Federation of Human Development Institutions<br /> Holds<br /> The 6th Arab Conference<br /> (For administrative development in government institutions)<br /> Opportunities for transformation of construction<br /> Headquarters: Cairo, Egypt<br /> The duration of the meeting: from 24 to 28 December 2017<br /> <br /> =EF=81=B6 Governments strive to solve the problems of citizens and respond =<br /> to their diverse programs through a series of plans and programs to achieve=<br /> a constructive transformation aimed at achieving a range of benefits and a=<br /> lleviating the suffering of the majority of them and not only ensuring the =<br /> continuous development of these policies to ensure a permanent solution to =<br /> the problems of citizens and ensure This can only be ensured by having a fu=<br /> ll understanding of how the integration of thought and management practice =<br /> has taken place on the one hand and information technology on the other. Th=<br /> e process of development embraces activities and processes and treats them =<br /> in ways that are given by the characteristics of Offspring in the form and =<br /> content and impact.<br /> =EF=81=B6 The aim of the conference is to identify the public policies in t=<br /> he knowledge society, presenting the methods of integration between digital=<br /> systems and administrative systems. To explore the future and trends of ad=<br /> ministrative development in light of the latest developments in information=<br /> technology. Opportunities for transformation towards information systems a=<br /> pplications. Presenting the problems of transformation towards electronic m=<br /> anagement systems and their applications.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> =E2=80=A2 The themes of the conference will include<br /> =E2=80=A2 The first axis: informatics, management and public policies.<br /> =E2=80=A2 The second axis: the management of e-government and its relation =<br /> to public policies.<br /> =E2=80=A2 The third axis: development strategies in public policies and the=<br /> ir relationship to the development of management using ICT.<br /> =E2=80=A2 The fourth axis: the integration of information systems and the n=<br /> eeds of government institutions and agencies.<br /> The participants are:<br /> =EF=81=B6 Chairmen and Board members.<br /> =EF=81=B6 General managers, in different ministries.<br /> =EF=81=B6 Directors of human resource development, personnel, training, adm=<br /> inistrative development and personnel.<br /> =EF=81=B6 Information systems specialists and employees in the fields of el=<br /> ectronic management applications in ministries, bodies, institutions, organ=<br /> izations, banks, associations, councils, the public sector, private compani=<br /> es and factories.<br /> The conference will also be hosted by a committee of specialized professors=<br /> in the field. It will be included in the papers of the conference. The sci=<br /> entific and methodological criteria in the writing of the research and its =<br /> list of references shall be considered. The holders of some of these observ=<br /> ers will be allowed to attend the conference's activities and sessions. Eac=<br /> h paper will be accepted.<br /> In this occasion we are happy to invite you to participate and circulate ou=<br /> r speech to those interested in the subject of the conference and inform us=<br /> of those who suggest inviting them to note that the subscription fee $ 100=<br /> 0. Per capita.<br /> We hope to receive your nominations as soon as possible so that we can make=<br /> the necessary arrangements and reserve your seats.<br /> To confirm registration at the conference or workshops, please send your no=<br /> minations and candidates' names<br /> Fax 0020237800573<br /> E-mail saragwadi@gmail.com<br /> Indicating the names of the candidates. Their administrative posts. Name of=<br /> activity. Method of payment of participation fees<br /> <br /> To register and confirm your participation please click on the link below<br /> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSem9IwxlLldDNr2jZu-eSiC4rb_7PuY6UY=<br /> Cb6_cJVlGHMj3jA/viewform<br /> For the worksheet<br /> Please send my full e-mail to your approval for your discussion during the =<br /> conference<br /> In case of acceptance of the scientific paper, the paperworker shall receiv=<br /> e a discount of 25% of the participation fees<br /> Wait for the message to be confirmed<br /> Deputy Director of Training<br /> Sarah Abdel Gawad<br /> Mobile: 00201112694608<br /> Phone: 0020237800693 - 0020237800583<br /> Fax: 0020237800573 - 0020235866323<br /> SaraGwadi@Gmail.Com<br /> =D8=AE=D8=B7=D8=A9 =D8=A7=D9=84=D8=AF=D8=A7=D8=B1 =D8=A7=D9=84=D8=B9=D8=B1=<br /> =D8=A8=D9=8A=D8=A9 =D9=84=D9=84=D8=AA=D9=86=D9=85=D9=8A=D8=A9 =D8=A7=D9=84=<br /> =D8=A7=D8=AF=D8=A7=D8=B1=D9=8A=D8=A9 =D9=84=D8=B9=D8=A7=D9=85 2018<br /> <br />  

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