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Titolo: Re: The history of mice
Newsgroup: it.cultura.linguistica
Data: 19/08/2017
Ora: 22:24:45
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  On Sat, 19 Aug 2017 14:58:18 -0400, ADPUF wrote<br /> (in article &lt;ona1be$tf3$1@dont-email.me&gt;):<br /> <br /> &gt; prehistoric Old English:<br /> &gt; /muːs/ plural /muːsi/<br /> &gt;<br /> &gt; After umlaut, the plural became pronounced [myːsi], where the<br /> &gt; long back vowel /uː/ was fronted, producing a new subphonemic<br /> &gt; front-rounded vowel [yː], which serves as a secondary<br /> &gt; indicator of plurality.<br /> &gt; Subsequent loss of final /i/, however, made /yː/ a phoneme and<br /> &gt; the primary indicator of plurality, leading to a distinction<br /> &gt; between /muːs/ &quot;mouse&quot; and /myːs/ &quot;mice&quot;.<br /> &gt;<br /> &gt; the modern forms &quot;mouse&quot; /maʊs/ and &quot;mice&quot; /maɪs/<br /> &gt;<br /> &gt; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheshirization<br /> <br /> Essay on the Antiquity of the Flea<br /> <br /> Adam had 'em.<br /> <br /> (Surely not our Adam)<br /> <br /> -- <br /> Joe W Dee<br /> Remember: It is To Laugh<br />  

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The history of mice
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